AP CCP Credits Transfer in College and Their Benefits

AP and CCP credits from classes are such great opportunities to have in high school. A lot of people get really confused once they are upperclassmen in high school about what classes to take. AP and CCP credits have their own respective advantages and disadvantages about them so it depends on one’s situation to determine which is better for them.

AP CCP Credits have their own Advantages and Disadvantages

Both are very beneficial for college credits transfer. Here are some tips and facts that may help you decipher the information about AP and college credit plus CCP classes.

AP CCP Credits: AP Classes

Difficult Coursework

AP Classes are notoriously known for having extremely hard coursework and tests. If you are not going to put in the time, effort, and studying, then you should not take any AP Classes because it will not be good for your overall GPA. AP Classes are definitely harder than normal high school classes. They aren’t quite at the college level, but they are very close.

You also usually need to apply for AP classes because they only offer a certain amount. This means that you will have to compete against your peers to be able to take the class. Don’t get me wrong,

AP Classes are great because they look good in applications and prepare you for college, but be aware of the course lord before you get yourself involved.

Must Pass AP Test

The one bad thing about AP Classes is that colleges will only give you a credit if you pass the standardized AP test at the end of the course. This can sometimes be bad because if you did very well in the class but your teacher didn’t prepare you enough for the material on the test, you could still perform badly and in the end not get the credit.

The AP year doesn’t affect anything with your high school grades or GPA, however, it is very upsetting when you work very hard all year in a class just to end up not receiving the college credit. Some schools even require certain scores for certain classes in specific majors. So for instance, maybe as an engineering major, you have to have a 4 on the calculus AP exam or you have to retake that class once you get to college.

AP classes can be great, but it’s kind of a guessing game on whether it’s going to count until after the scores come out.

AP Will Count for That Class at Any College

The one very good thing about the AP test is that it counts at every college. You aren’t going to have the problem of your AP class only transferring as an elective unless you didn’t receive the score that the college requires.

If you have the required AP score for a specific class, you are guaranteed to get the credit. If you don’t pass the test, however, you do not receive any credit at all, not even an elective credit.

Schools aren’t Offering as Many AP Classes Anymore

Because so many students have been choosing to either take college credit through the high school or go to the actual college and take classes during high school, the amount of actual AP classes at high schools are diminishing.

Ther isn’t an AP class for every subject. There are many AP tests but they don’t get as specific as the current college credit classes do, which means you don’t have the opportunity to obtain as many credits in high school. Gaining college credit in high school makes a huge difference.

Collecting college credits early in your academic career is important to get a head start on graduating college. One can also save tuition costs since you will get the beginning level courses out of the way before college.

Looks Good on College and Scholarship Applications

Another good thing about AP classes is that all colleges and scholarship committees know that the course work and course load for AP classes are very difficult. This means that they respect anyone who has taken these classes and especially respect those who excelled in the classes. Because of the rigor of these types of classes, it is just a very good addition to any scholarship or college application.

Anything that shows you are a hard worker looks good and taking AP classes definitely portrays how hard of a worker you are. Every small thing adds up on applications to show your hardwood over the years, so don’t forget that.

AP CCP Credits: College Credit Classes (CCP Classes)

What is CCP Class?

College credit plus class is a class that offers credits that count for both college credit and high school credit. They fulfill your requirements to graduate high school while also getting some college classes out of the way. You can either take the college credit courses that are offered through your high school or actually travel to a college nearby and take them there.

Some teachers are certified to teach college credit classes and some classes are even a part of distance learning. Distance learning is when you have a professor who is in her classroom but is hooked up into your classroom so that they can see and hear everything that is happening there. You are able to see your professor through a large TV or some time of computer screen.

If you want to take a class that isn’t offered at your school, you simply have to get it approved by your counselor and maybe principal and you can go take the courses at a college nearby.

Some CCP Classes Only Transfer as Electives

The only problem with college credit classes is that different credits transfer to colleges differently. If you are going to a college out of state, it is more likely that the CCP credits will only transfer as electives and not as the actual classes you took. However, if you are going to an in-state college, most of the time a lot of your credits will transfer correctly.

Explore all the many options online to find out what credits transfer where so utilize that when choosing classes to take in high school.

AP CCP Credits: The Variety of Subjects

The variety of classes to take that count as college credit is great. This is the one main difference between AP and CCP classes. If you really wanted to, you could even start taking classes for your major in high school. If anything this could really help you pick a major for college because you have the opportunity to start learning early.

Take advantage of having a free opportunity in high school to get ahead and learn more about yourself. Coming in with so many CCP credits really changed my freshman year. I came in as a standing sophomore.

This can give you the opportunity to schedule earlier, get ahead in my classes and start taking some of my major classes to figure out if my major fits me.

No AP Test

The great thing about CCP Classes is that they transfer as at least an elective as long as you pass the class. There is no big test at the end determine if your class even counts in general. You know for sure that you’re at least gaining a college credit if you pass the class.

Failing the AP exam means that you don’t get any credit at all. This is was what can draw students to enroll in more college credit classes.

You Can Get a Huge Head Start on General Education Classes (GE)

Sometimes in college, your “easy” classes end up not being so easy. If you can get a lot of your general education credits out of the way in high school, it will help you so much once you start college. This also saves you a lot of money.

CCP Classes are Free

The biggest thing about CCP Classes is that you are getting a college education and college credit for free. You are saving yourself so much money by taking these classes. Some people have even graduated early because of the number of credits they came in with.

There is a whole year of college they don’t have to pay for due to CCP Classes. Especially if you take the classes at the school where you are going to attend, you are getting free college and learning the setup of college classes versus high school classes.

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AP and CCP Credits are both excellent options

Overall there are so many great things about AP and CCP classes. Having the opportunity to learn at a college level in high school is great either way. We are the first generation to have this kind of opportunity with AP and CCP so we should take advantage of what is being offered to us.

Pick what’s best for you and work hard because all of this will pay off once you get to college. Anything that you can do to make college a little easier is worth it.

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