The 10 Best Colleges in Ohio (Pick One)

10 Best College in Ohio

If you currently live in Ohio and are looking for schools in the state to attend or you don’t live in Ohio but are looking to attend a university here, you’re in luck because there are many great ones to choose from.

Ohio may not have fun winters, but we do have great schools. Ohio has some of the top-ranked schools in the country for research, student life, sports, etc.

Whether you’re looking for universities who specialize in specific majors, universities where you can participate in undergraduate research, or universities where you can get really involved.

You will find your place in Ohio. Here is a list of some of the best schools to choose from and what they have to offer.

#1. Case Western Reserve

Average Cost of Tuition: $28,000

Average ACT Score: 30-34

Acceptance Rate: 36%

Graduation Rate: 81%

Case Western Reserve is a private university located in Cleveland, Ohio. It is around five miles from downtown Cleveland and is well known for its dental school, law school, medical school, business school, nursing school, and its biomedical engineering program.

It has a total undergraduate enrollment of around 5,100 and a total graduate and professional enrollment of around 6,600.

Case Western is a widely known research university, so if you are looking to be a part of graduate or undergraduate research, then you are in the right place. Case Western has been ranked as the 42nd best university in the nation and the 13th best in the nation for research.

#2. The Ohio State University

Average Cost of Tuition: $18,000

Average ACT Score: 28-32

Acceptance Rate: 48%

Graduation Rate: 84%

Ohio State University is a public university located in Columbus, Ohio. It is right next to the short north district of Columbus and only a few miles away from downtown.

Ohio State was selected as one of the “Public Ivies” in the 2000s as one of the public universities with the highest education. It is currently known as one of the nation’s top 20 public universities.

Its current undergraduate enrollment is around 46,000 and its graduate/professional enrollment is around 20,400 graduate students.

Ohio State is known for having one of the largest student populations in the country which gives endless opportunities as well.

With over 1,000 student organizations, over 60 Greek life organizations, and being a member of the big 10 conferences, there is always something to do and something to be a part of.

OSU is also a large research university and is nationally known for its efforts and findings in research.

#3. Miami University

Average Cost of Tuition: $22,000

Average ACT Score: 26-31

Acceptance Rate: 65%

Graduation Rate: 79%

Miami University is a public university located in Oxford, Ohio. It is well known for its liberal arts education and its Greek life. This university also just happens to be the second oldest university in Ohio.

Miami has around 19,500 undergraduate students and 2,300 graduate students. There are many student organizations on campus and the campus is known for having lots of opportunities to get involved.

The scenery of the campus is noted by most as well due to the fact that it was built many years ago and still stands tall and beautiful.

#4. University of Dayton

Average Cost of Tuition: $28,000

Average ACT Score: 24-29

Acceptance Rate: 58%

Graduation Rate: 76%

The University of Dayton is a private university located in Dayton, Ohio. It is the second-largest private university in Ohio.

The undergraduate enrollment is around 8,000 students and their graduate/ professional enrollment is around 2,200 students.

They were the first college to offer “human rights” as a major. There are over 80 majors at this University, and it has a great location being about an hour from Columbus and an hour from Cincinnati.

There are also over 200 organizations and Greek life to get involved with outside of class.

#5. University of Cincinnati

Average Cost of Tuition: $22,000

Average ACT Score: 24-28

Acceptance Rate: 86%

Graduation Rate: 62%

The University of Cincinnati is a public university located in Cincinnati, Ohio. It currently has a total enrollment of around 44,000 students. The most popular majors here are in business and engineering.

The university is also highly ranked for its fine arts and health masters programs. There are over 300 student organizations on campus and there is also Greek life.

Cincinnati is also a research facility and is known for developing the first live, attenuated polio vaccines in the 1960s. This university is great with finances and gives away many scholarships to students each year.

#6. Kent State University

Average Cost of Tuition: $19,000

Average ACT Score: 21-25

Acceptance Rate: 85%

Graduation Rate: 55%

Kent State University is a public university in Kent, Ohio which is in Northeast Ohio. You can also attend one of the several regional Kent campuses throughout Ohio.

The total undergraduate enrollment is around 23,100 and the total graduate enrollment is around 5,000. Kent is a great location also because it is only 40 miles away from Cleveland.

There are over 300 academic programs to choose from this university. There are over 200 campus organizations, Greek life, and other clubs that you can get involved with outside of the classroom.

The Blossom Music Center and Pothouse Theatre are not far which gives students plenty to do while at school.

#7. Ohio University

Average Cost of Tuition: $21,000

Average ACT Score: 21-26

Acceptance Rate: 74%

Graduation Rate: 67%

Ohio University is a public university in Athens, Ohio. This is the oldest university in Ohio. This university is known for its journalism major and for its Heritage College of Medicine.

It has a total undergraduate enrollment of around 23,300 and a total graduate enrollment of around 1,800. There are over 500 clubs and 30 Greek organizations for students to get involved in.

Ohio University is known for being like its own little city even though it is in the middle of rural Athens.

Currently, the most popular majors are nursing and business. There are also a lot of current students whose majors fall inside of the liberal arts and science college.

#8. Bowling Green State University

Average Cost of Tuition: $18,00

Average ACT Score: 19-24

Acceptance Rate: 73%

Graduation Rate: 55%

Number 8 of the ten best colleges in Ohio is Bowling Green State University which happens to be a public university located in Bowling Green, Ohio.

This university has around 14,700 undergraduate students. BG is around 115 miles West of Cleveland and 85 miles South of Detroit, Michigan. It is closest to Toledo.

Bowling Green has around 200 degrees, 300 clubs, and 40 Greek organizations to get involved with while on campus. Currently, some of the most popular majors on campus are education and psychology.

#9. Kenyon College

Average Cost of Tuition: $30,000

Average ACT Score: 29-33

Acceptance Rate: 26%

Graduation Rate: 89%

Kenyon College is located in Gambier, Ohio and is a private liberal arts college. The undergraduate enrollment is currently around 1,700 students. College campus is known for its scenery of a hilly campus mixed with a beautiful little town.

Just 45 miles from Columbus, Ohio the campus is close to a major city. There are over 120 student clubs and 150 study abroad opportunities, and 22 different sports.

English, science, and drama are well-known programs at the university. Some of the most popular majors on campus right now include English, economics, and psychology.

#10. Baldwin Wallace University

Average Cost of Tuition: $21,000

Average ACT Score: 24

Acceptance Rate: 60%

Graduation Rate: 68%

Baldwin Wallace is a private university located in Berea, Ohio which is only 15 miles southwest of Cleveland. It has a total undergraduate enrollment of around 3,200. There are over 50 academic programs, 100 clubs, a greek life, and sports teams that students can get involved with on campus.

BW is known for being one of the only five institutions to hold original handwritings of Johann Sebastian Bach, the legendary composer. They actually hold a three-day-long Bach festival every year and have had many alumni perform on the Broadway stages in New York City.


You just need to look around there are many great colleges and universities located in Ohio. In the end, it is really up to what you are personally looking for in college.

It is important to make sure you are looking for a college that has a good program for your specific major, has a location that matches your preference, and gives you the opportunity to get involved in the things that you are passionate about.

Outside of the classroom is just as important as inside the classroom. You will probably be living at this university. Make sure you get out of the dorm to check out all the opportunities and events going on.

Going to a school that has a great academic rating, doesn’t mean it is best for your specific program. You need to pay attention to the details and don’t get frustrated. Things always work out in the end.

You should know Ohio is a great place to go to college. You need to take advantage of and use your resources.

Look at Ohio Secretary of State Website to learn more about Ohio’s public college and universities.

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