Best Majors for Pre-Law

Best Majors for Pre-Law-900

If your end goal is to go to law school, you want to make sure that you are going to take all the right steps during your undergraduate career. One of the first things that you have to make a decision about is what are the best majors for pre-law to choose.

Most people think that you should automatically go for a major like criminal justice or political science if you want to go to law school, however, law schools actually want to see you doing different things than everyone else.

Those majors are still great and will prepare you for law school just fine but done feel obligated to major in them. They will also like if you are going for a more academically challenging major.

If you are deadest on law school, then pick a major that you think will best prepare you for the coursework and thinking that goes on at law school. 

Now, you can take the Bar Exam no matter what your major is, but there are just certain majors that can make you stand out to law schools better. There are so many people who want to go to law school that it can get very competitive to get into certain schools.

I recommend really think about your major and what all you do during your undergraduate career so that you can get into one of your top law schools.

You also want to think about what you would do with that degree if for some reason you ended up not going down the path to law school.

A lot of things and changes happen during college and it is definitely normal to change your path.

You just want to make sure that you are actually interested in the major you are choosing so that if something happened you at least have a backup plan. And either way you are going to be studying this for four years, so you don’t want to be miserable. 

If you are having a hard time figuring out which major to choose here are some tips and ideas to help you.

Being Well Rounded

It has been proven that science majors have an extremely high rate of acceptance into law schools.

Now, this could be because students who choose these majors are already normally very strong academically, but it is also because it makes them different than the other applicants.

Since there probably aren’t a lot of people applying to law school with a biochemistry degree, if you apply with this degree it can be a huge advantage.

Now, this doesn’t mean that majoring in chemistry or engineering is going to immediately get you into law school. You still have the grades, a good score on the LSAT, and involvement in college. It just meant that if you are interested in science then this may be a good idea for you.

There are so many different types of lawyers, that knowledge in any specific subject can be beneficial. If you are in business as an undergraduate, you can become a business lawyer.

You need to pick a major that you are interested in and good at, you can ultimately find something to use it for in law school.

Lately, there have even been students how major n some sort of engineering and then attend law school. This shows that they are smart and can work hard. This also shows that they are different and could be valuable lawyers.

Just remember that you will be doing this for four years and you don’t want to hate what you are doing. In the end, your major isn’t the main source of what they are looking at. You can major in art, architecture, nursing or musical theatre and still get into law school.

Political Science

Political science is always a very popular major for law school. Among people admitted to law schools, you will find a large percentage of people who had this major in undergraduate school.

The reason that this is so popular is that some of the coursework really prepares you for law school. It also shows that you have always had an interest in this type of work.

Political science really gets you into the mindset that you need to be in when you are in law school. Although it is very popular and there are many applicants with this major, you will have no problem getting in as long as you have the grades, involvement, and test scores.


Economics is another favorite major for law school because of the mindset as well. Economics really focuses on how money and government work which can be vital information to know as a lawyer.

Having all of this prior knowledge about business and economics is a great way to repaper for law school. This once again shows the law schools that you are applying for that you have always been interested in these types of things.

Economics students are usually classified under the school of business. This means that they will also have some background information on the business.

Some business schools even offer a business law class. All of these classes can really help you prepare for law school. Although it is a popular major for pre-law, it not nearly as popular as political science. Once again, you should have no problem getting into law school with this major.


Philosophy is a way of thinking that most students have never done before college. Veen the writing is different than most and really opens students’ eyes to new ideas and new views on the world.

This is why it is usually a good and popular major for pre-law students because it shows law schools that students are already in the state of mind to be a lawyer.

Make sure that if you choose this major you understand that if you don’t end up going to law school you will have to get further education like a master’s or a doctorate in order to get a job in most cases.

Criminal Justice

This is another popular major for pre-law students because they get to learn about different things that they could be dealing with as lawyers. It is also a smart thing to major in because if you end up not going to law school, then you have a great backup plan.

With a criminal justice degree, you can become a policeman or even go as far as being in the FBI, DIA, etc.

Criminal justice does prepare you well for law school and even though it is a popular major, you should have no problem getting into your top schools with this major a song as you have the other credentials.


As a lawyer and throughout law school you will constantly be dealing with people and the reasons why they do the things that they do.

Sociology can really help you understand people and society.

So many cases will deal with people doing things because of the way society is or the way that society sees things and having a background in sociology can be so helpful.

This really just shows law schools that you have always had an interest in people and the reasons behind them and society.

Once again you will have no problem getting into law schools with this major and will have a great background to help.


English is a good major because you have to focus a lot on reading and writing which are the main aspects of law school. English also gets you into the mindset of dissecting things and looking at situations from different perspectives.

It is so important to have these characteristics in law school, so having this background can be super helpful. Most classes in law school consist of mostly reading. So it is good to be used to these types of classes and curriculum before you get to law school.

Just make sure that you are aware that if you end up not attending law school you will most likely need further education to get a job with this major.


Overall there are so many different majors that can be super useful to you once you get to law school. You can literally major in anything and go to law school so try not to get too hung up about it.

You want to make sure that you pick something that you feel you are good at and interested in. If that isn’t one of the things listed above, that is totally okay.

Majoring in science, engineering or math majors can also be a good idea if you are good at those things because it shows that you are up for challenged and makes you different than the other applicants.

You can also change your major as many times as you need throughout college so don’t feel that you are stuck in this major or that this is a final decision.

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