Best Majors for Pre-Med Students

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Picking a major is always one of the hardest things about college. If you are on the track to go to medical school, you may be wondering what some of the best majors for pre-med students.

It doesn’t really matter what specific major you choose in terms of acceptance, however, there are certain classes that you have to take in order to apply to medical school. Because of these required classes, there are some majors that are better than others because their curriculum covers those classes.

If you are planning on going to medical school, you should be very strong math and science student and you need to be very determined and focuses. Medical school is hard to get into and very competitive and there are only certain kinds of people who are suited for it.

There are also majors that are better than others because they help prepare you for the MCAT which is the exam you have to take in order to get into medical school. The higher the score you get, the better medical schools you will be able to get into. Even though you do want to pick a major that helps you get into medical school, you want to make sure that you pick a major that you are actually interested in.

Many students who go into pre-med end up changing their minds. Because of this, you want to make sure that you pick something where you will still end up being able to get a job if you don’t go to the medical school track.

You also just want to enjoy what you are doing because you will be studying this for four whole years You don’t want to study something that you hate just to get into medical school.

Classes Required to Apply for Medical School

Each medical school has slightly different requirements, so you want to make sure that you are fulfilling the requirements for the medical schools that you are aiming to attend.

You want to do this research early because you want to make sure that you fit all of the classes in your schedule and know what classes you need to take. Here are some of the classes that most medical schools require you to take throughout your undergraduate career.

•    At least one year of English

•    Two semesters of biology with a lab

•    Two semesters of organic chemistry with a lab

•    Calculus or Statistics (depends on the school)

•    Two semesters of general chemistry with a lab

•    Two semesters of physics with a lab

•    At least one semester of biochemistry

These classes are just the bare minimum of what you need to do. Medical schools are very competitive so you definitely want to go over and beyond and do anything that can help your application.

There are also going to be way more classes and requirements for you to actually fulfill your undergraduate requirement in general for your major. You should be taking multiple science and math courses each semester to be preparing for medical school.

Getting involved in research or volunteering at hospitals are two other great things to start doing during your undergraduate career to put on your application. You want to get started on these things as soon as possible so that you have everything you need by the time of applications.

Getting involved in research or volunteering at hospitals are two other great things to start doing during your undergraduate career to put on your application. You want to get started on these things as soon as possible so that you have everything you need by the time of applications.

Letters of Recommendation

You are going to need letters of recommendation for your medical school application. It seems like this is very far away, but you are going to be applying for medical schools the summer after your junior year.

This is not as far away as you think. You want to make sure that you are getting along and making connections with your professors. Networking and professional connections can take you so far in life.

Having good letters of recommendation is so important. As soon as you get to college you should start going to professors’ office hours and making connections as soon as possible. Networking is important for letters of recommendation, but it is also important because it opens up so many more opportunities for you.

Biochemistry/ Chemistry

The most popular majors of admitted students to medical school are biochemistry and chemistry. This is a great major to have to apply to medical school, but if you are more interested in other majors don’t feel obligated to be a chemistry major.

Medical schools like different applicants so don’t be afraid to major in whatever you feel works best for you. It is also a good major because there is an entire chemistry section on the MCAT that you would be well prepared for.


This is a popular major for medical school applicants because it fulfills all of the required classes and beyond.

Neuroscience focuses on the nervous system which is extremely helpful background for medical school. If you are looking into being a neurologist this is definitely the major, you would want to choose for your undergraduate career.


This is a very common major for pre-med students because it covers all of the classes and essentials for the MCAT and medical school.

Going into medical school with a general biology background is very helpful. You will learn about the human body, but you will also take classes like ecology, evolution, and microbiology. You definitely want to have an interest in human and plant biology because this will be your main focus.

Health Sciences

If your university offers health sciences as a major this is another great major that prepares you for medical school and covers most of the required classes.

Most health science programs are meant to introduce students to the healthcare field and focus on in-depth learning of science.

Students who have this major are planning on attending some sort of medical or professional school, so it is a great environment to learn and be prepared for medical school.

This major, however, is not offered at all universities, so make sure that you are researching well an know what majors are offered before making a decision on your school. 

Human Nutrition

Human nutrition Is another option for medical school that focuses on how to treat the human body. This covers some of the class requirements, but you will need to make time in your schedule to take the other required classes for medical school that aren’t in the human nutrition curriculum.

It is important to know this ahead of time and make sure that it works for you.

Students who major in engineering and are planning on going to medical school want to stand out in their application. Engineering is known for being a difficult major and medical schools like to see that.

There are some of the required classes that are covered in the engineering curriculum, however, you will need to take some additional classes in addition to your engineering curriculum.

If this is your plan, you want to make sure that you research and are prepared to have room in your schedule for these extra classes. You should only do this if you have an interest in engineering and think that you would be successful in the classes.

You still need to maintain a high GPA to get into medical school so don’t ruin your GPA because you wanted to have a difficult major. Another good thing about choosing an engineering focus is that you will always have a backup plan.

This way, if you decide not to go to medical school, you know you can get a job as an engineer. So many people who start out going to school pre-med decide they aren’t going to medical school anymore and then have to change their majors because they can’t get a job with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry.


This is a good major for medical school because it focuses on how humans think and react which can be very important in the medical field. Psychology students also focus on the brain and how it works.

They deal a lot with why people are the way they are. If you are interested in someday becoming a psychiatrist, then you would definitely want to major in psychology.


Overall there are so many different majors that can help you get into medical school and succeed. You technically don’t need any specific major for medical school as long as you fulfill all the requirements.

So, you should major in what you think is best for you and work hard to make sure your GPA is high, and you fulfill all the requirements.

Don’t stress out too much about this because you have so much time to figure yourself out and switch your major. It is so hard to figure out what you want to do with your life as a senior in high school.

You might feel differently and change your mind once you are actually in college and taking the classes. You have time to figure all of this out.

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