College Student Resume Tips (for Internship/Job)

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If you haven’t previously had a resume, making one for college might get a little overwhelming. There are usually a lot of resources at college to help you, but overall you still have to make one that is specific to you and your achievements.

Resumes have a big part in getting your jobs and internships.

This one piece of paper is supposed to prove your worth to a company. Sometimes your resume is what gets you an interview. This means that they are looking solely at your resume to see if you even qualify for an interview.

You can see that resumes are very important and worth spending a decent amount of time creating. This isn’t for a grade; however, it can determine your job and internship statuses so make sure to take it seriously.

Having someone read over your resume is a very good idea as well. Don’t be afraid to reach out to fellow student or faculty within the career and resume centers to help you and read over your resume. It is very important to work hard at the first draft of your resume so that you have this to work off of throughout college.

List all your Jobs

Simply just showing that you had jobs while in high school or that you are working while being a student can show a lot about your hard work, dedication, and character.

Knowing that you are able to balance work and everything else in your life really shows a lot about you. It doesn’t matter what kind of job t was or how important your position was. Simply just having a job shows responsibility and we all have to start somewhere.

I still have my first job as a cashier in a grocery store listed on my resume. I worked there for two years and worked forty ours all throughout high school. I want employers to know that as a teenager in high school I balanced a full-time job and everything else.

This shows a lot about what I can handle.

Just know that these are definitely the types of things that you want to show on your resume.

It’s Okay to have High School Information

If you do not have enough college information to fill a page, then you should not worry at all about listing some high school information on your resume. Right now I simply just have my high school listed in the education section of my resume along with a few honors I received and my GPA.

This isn’t a lot, but it filled up my resume. Once I have more important information to fill the page, I will delete this and have my resume simply focus on my college career.

As a freshman or sophomore, no employer is going to judge you for having high school activities listed because you haven’t been in college too long yet. You would rather have some of your big high school accomplishments on your resume than for it to look empty. Even though it was only high school events, you are still allowed to show off and be proud of accomplishments and honors.

The accomplishments helped you get into college so they can help you get a job or internship.

Cover Page

Many applications will require a cover page along with your resume. A cover page is basically an explanation of why you want whatever you are applying for. You also add some further information on topics listed on your resume and why they could help you in this position you are applying for.

This is another area you can ask peers or faculty at the career/resume centers for help on. If all else fails, you can always find cover letter examples on the internet to base yours off of.

Put all Involvement

Don’t be afraid to put all the involvement you have in college even if it doesn’t seem that important. Not everything on your resume is going to make you seem like you are in charge of every club and held every position.

Employers really just want to see that you are an active student and engage in your college and community. They are also interested to see what your passions are. Anything that shows that you are involved student you want to list. Even if you only attended a few meetings. Simply just put the name of the club and explain that you were a member and attended weekly meetings.

Then all you have to do is talk about what the club was focused on and what was talked about in the meetings.

Make Sure it Looks Presentable

The set-up of your resume is actually important. It shows your organization as a person, student, and employee. You want it to look super nice and professional.

There are so many different resume outlines online that you can find and base yours off of. When you have employers, bosses, and CEOs come into different clubs to give you tips, one of the main things they teel you to focus on is your resume.

A resume can make or break a job for you. If they don’t even look past your resume and get to know you, you never even get the chance to prove yourself.

If this is normally the type of thing that you aren’t good at, then don’t be afraid to ask for help. Your College will give you so many resources that you should take advantage of. Everyone at your college simply just wants to see you succeed and to be a successful college student with a job you need a strong resume.

The earlier in your college career that you make a resume, the better. This gives you time to really work hard on the first draft which is the most important.

Fill the Resume Page

I cannot stress enough how important it is that you fill the entire page. If your resume is short, it makes it look like you simply are not involved in enough things to put on a resume. This can make you look lazy and not ready for whatever position you are applying for. A lot of people have a hard time fitting all of their accomplishments on one page so imagine how it looks if you can’t even figure out enough stuff to put on one.

You will want to make sure you keep your resume to one page if possible. Having a resume that is multiple pages long is usually considered unprofessional and makes it seem a though you are trying to show off.

Unless you know for a fact that it is acceptable to have a multiple page resume for whatever you are applying for, don’t do it.

If you are questioning it, you can always ask your college advisor or a faculty member at the career center. If you have too much information, the goal is to simply put all of the most important things on your resume.

This means you can delete high school information and jobs that aren’t relevant like I was talking about earlier. If you have had three jobs in your field, they aren’t going to be concerned about your high school job. Just remember, you are only putting high school information and small jobs if you have nothing else to put.

You don’t want to make your resume three pages long because you simply want to list all the jobs you have ever had and all your high school accomplishments. This will probably not get you the position or job.

You do want to be able to explain any gaps in employment. If you took a non-relevant job off the resume and there is a gap in employment, just make sure to be able to explain it.

Update Information

It is so important that you go and update the information on your resume every time you get involved in something new or receive a new position.

You don’t want to turn in an old resume when you just found out you received n internship. Every bit of information helps and could show that you are the person they are looking for.

You can save multiple copies of your resume and cover letter that are meant for specific kinds of applications. Just be prepared and make sure that you are turning in the right version of your resume because we have all been there and done that.

Every Topic Must Have Bullet Points

It is also important to understand the structure of a resume. Each topic and event must have bullet points explain what this is and what your position entailed.

This means that you should list how many hours you worked at specific jobs and what your duties included. Just make sure that you are explain everything to the best of your ability and as professionally as possible.


Overall there are many reasons that a resume is important and many ways that you can go about preparing a resume that is ready for any application. Make sure that you are using your college resources to your advantage and understanding the full potential that your resume could have.

Resumes are your chance to show off all of your hard work. Don’t lose a job offer because you didn’t take enough item on your resume.

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