Extracurricular Activities For College-Bound Students


Believe it or not, colleges are not just looking for a 4.0 GPA. College applications and scholarships actually rely heavily on extracurricular activities and involvement. There are so many people with great GPAs nowadays that you need the other parts of your application to be what stands out.

Anyone can get a good GPA, but it takes a great communicator and person to be a part of several organizations and be a leader to impress the college admissions offices.

Colleges are looking for someone who cannot only get the top grades but be super involved in extracurricular activities and being a leader as well. Don’t get me wrong, it is super important to focus on your grades in high school but being involved is equally important in the eyes of colleges and the scholarships. So, just remember that when you don’t sign up to be a part of a club.

Any interview for scholarships, colleges, internships, etc. have completely focused on my extracurriculars and jobs rather than my grades. So, just remember that these people see so many applications that they are just looking for the ones that stand out and are different from the rest. Be yourself and get involved with everything that you can because in the long run all that it will do is help you.

Here are some tips and examples of great things to get involved in high school that may help you with college and scholarship applications as you are trying to get started with your college career.

National Honors Society

NHS may seem like a small club that everyone is a part of, but it is actually a bigger deal than you think. National Honors Society is a national organization and is actually thought of very highly by any committee who is a part of decisions concerning college and scholarship applications.

If every applicant is a part of Nation honors Society but you, it may seem odd to committees. Basically, just do everything in your power to become a part of NHS at your school because it is a great thing to add to any application and shows how smart you really are.

The minimum GPA is not super hard to obtain, so don’t get too discouraged if you are taking hard classes in high school. Make sure to encourage your family and friends to do the same because this is an easy requirement to obtain while in high school that actually makes a large difference. Don’t be the odd one out. Get the GPA and do the work to be a part of National Honors Society.

A college degree can change your life. Do the work now so that you can see the results later. Every hour of hard work and dedication will be worth it in the end when you get the acceptance letter from your top college.

Student Council is a Highly Visible Extracurricular Activity

Student Council is the perfect extracurricular activity to showcase to colleges and scholarship committees that you are a leader and have the power to lead people. Even if the student council is not a huge deal at your school, most people see that as a huge leadership accomplishment because your peers voted you into leadership and you won over other applicants or runners.

You want to try to be a part of every single club that you can in high school because more involvement is better for any application. Committees love to see smart students that get super involved in their school and community.

Don’t underestimate the power of involvement in this extracurricular activity. One meeting for student council every week is worth the enhancement of your applications and resumes for college endeavors.

Church Related Activities

Showing your passion and dedication for religion and church simply shows that you can show that same passion and dedication to a school or major. It is understood that this option isn’t for everyone. Also, one may not have had any exposure to be involved. Church has a large impact on a lot of people’s life and views on the world and colleges love to see that diversity and passion.

Don’t be afraid to brag about your time and dedication to your religion because it simply just shows your personality and makes you stand out from the crowd. Never be afraid to be yourselves on these applications because that’s what really gets you into the college. Colleges are simply looking for smarts, passion, and diversity when looking at a prospect’s extracurricular activities. Show your true self on these applications. This is your chance to brag and shine.

The Most Popular of all Extracurricular Activity: Sports

One of the most popular high school extracurricular activity that a large majority of high schoolers are involved in is sports. Sports show that you are able to take directions and listen to authority.

Colleges just want to know that you are going to go to most of your classes, succeed, and in the end not drop out. They want successful students that will end up graduating and getting a degree from their college.

Even though almost everyone plays sports, they can still so that you are able to listen to others, which is an important task when it comes to classes and professors.

You do not need to feel obligated to get involved in sports in high school just to impress the college admissions office, but it looks and good and you have the opportunity to show time commitment and honors received involving sports in high school at all college and scholarship applications.

Academic Club are excellent choices for Extracurricular Activities

Academic clubs may be boring when you are actually a part of them, but these extracurricular activities make you look like a very good all-around scholar. If you are really trying to get into your top school, any club that can be considered academic is a good choice.

Of course, one does not want every single aspect of your applications to be about grades, school, and academics. Showcase the sides of you that don’t have to do with grades and academics, but this is your time show all the great accomplishments you have made and clubs you are a part of. There are many times clubs called “academic challenge” or something similar that basically is like a trivia game against other schools.

Don’t be afraid to look like a “nerd”, because you will be laughing your nerdy self all the way to your dream college after your stellar application.

Job as an Extracurricular Activity

Having a part-time or full-time job throughout high school can be very important and imperative to applications. Colleges love to see hard workers. They don’t just want someone who gets everything handed to them because then they might not succeed at the college level.

Having a job shows a tremendous amount of responsibility and adulthood. This means that you are good at taking direction, showing up on time, and is accounted for. Colleges love this because they want dependable students that will make them look good. Getting even a part-time job could make all the difference, and don’t worry you will make new friends too.

Extracurricular Activities Outside of School

Believe it or not, committees love to see that you get involved in clubs and activities that aren’t directly through your high school. Interviewers and committees love to see that one put themselves out there and take the extra step to get involved in your community and thing that you are passionate about. It shows strength and bravery to be vulnerable in front of large audiences and admissions offices will see leadership qualities in this.

Whether it is private lessons for voice or instruments or being a part of your local dance team, it is great to put involvement on your application that wasn’t just easily accessible at your high school. This could also include any community service or volunteer work.

For more information on high school sports and more extracurricular activities visit the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) site here.

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Colleges are looking at your Extracurricular Activities in High School

Colleges are looking for someone who cannot only get the top grades but be involved and be a leader as well. It is important to focus on your grades in high school but being involved in extracurricular activities is equally important in the eyes of colleges and the scholarships. So, just remember that when you don’t sign up to be a part of a club, you are really signing up to invest in yourself.

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