What are the Highest Paying College Majors?

Highest Paying College Majors Engineering

Choosing a major can be one of the hardest decisions about going to college. You may be wondering what are the highest paying college majors.

You already have to decide where you want to spend the next four years of your life.

How are you’re going to pay for it, and then you’re also expected to figure out what profession you want to have for the rest of your life.

Although you have the opportunity to change your major as many times as you need, you still want to try your best to find out what you want to do with your life as soon as you can.

Money and salary are not all that matters when it comes to figuring out what major and career you want. However, this can be the main factor for some and could be one of the deciding factors for others.

Sometimes you may not fully understand what all of the job and career paths are for your specific major and what their salaries are. It is important to do your research and fully understand what majors lead to specific careers.

Also, sometimes people don’t understand what majors they need to have to get them to the career paths that they’re looking for. This is why it is so important to do the research to fully understand all of the requirements to fulfill the career dreams that you have.

Especially when you know that you are going to have thousands of dollars in student debt, you may be interested in how much your starting salary will be because this will affect how long it will take you to pay off all of your student loans.


There are many different types of engineering.

They all lead to somewhat different career paths at different types of companies. They can differ a little bit in starting salaries as well.

In order to major in any type of engineering, you should be a strong math and science student because most of the engineering curriculum is focused heavily on upper-level math and science courses.

With an engineering degree, you also have a good chance of getting into law school or medical school as long as you have all of the required classes and test scores. Here are some examples of different types of engineering and what their salaries look like.

Petroleum Engineering: Developing efficient ways of extracting oil and natural gas from underground reserves.

Median Salary: $135,754

Chemical Engineering: Designing equipment and manufacturing operations that make reliable and safe products.

Median Salary: $112,519

Electrical Engineering: Designing electrical equipment like calculators or any source of communication systems.

Median Salary: $93,215

Aerospace Engineering: Designing different parts of aircraft.

Median Salary: $90,141

Mechanical Engineering: Developing and building any type of machine. This is the broadest engineering major which means that you have a braider area of job opportunities.

Median Salary: $86,883

Computer Engineering: This engineering is all about coding computer programs and creating them as well.

Median Salary: $86,553

Some other branches of engineering include civil, environmental, industrial systems, metallurgical, mineral, and many others.

Pharmaceutical Sciences

This degree can take you down so many different paths depending on what you personally want for a career.

Overall it has to do with developing and testing drugs and medicine. You would study sciences like biology, chemistry, and toxicology while in school.

You could end up working in sales or marketing with respect to pharmaceutics or you could work towards getting your doctorate in pharmacy and being an actual pharmacist.

Median Salary: $112,519

Computer Science

It is important to first realize that a computer science major is not the same thing as a computer science engineering major.

They both prepare you for different paths and careers and also have different curriculums.

A computer science degree is not going to have engineering classes nor is it going to prepare you for the world of engineering. This is very important when it comes to researching majors and careers.

A computer science degree focuses on computer systems and programs. You will take courses on data analytics, mathematics, and computer programming and coding.

Median Salary: $82,858

Applied Mathematics

You would need to be a very strong math student to do this major.

Majoring in math gives you the opportunity to be in some of the highest-level math classes offered at your university. Some of the higher-level math classes you will have to take include Calculus one two and three, differential equations, linear algebra, and higher-level statistics.

You would also be introduced to some computer science, economics, and science classes as well.

Some careers with an applied math degree can be in technology, finance and many more.

You could also go on to be a statistician.

If you decided you wanted to do something with education, you could always go back to get your master’s in education be a math teacher at whatever level of your choosing.

If you went back and got your Ph.D., you could be a professor. The salary can really differ depending on what career path you choose.

Median Salary: $82,858


Physics focuses on the laws of nature and how they relate to energy and matter.

There are many different career paths that you could down with this major. You could get your master’s in education and be a physics teacher, you could get a job in technology or the energy industries, or you could be a professor and do research.

Many physics majors go on to get their Ph.D. so that they can be professors at big research universities.

Median Salary: $81,143


If you aren’t interested in studying anything in the STEM fields, finance is the way to go. It focuses on the management of money.

Finance degrees will help you manage finances for companies and organizations. You can get jobs in any type of business including investment banking and financial planning.

In order to be a financial planner, you have to pass the CFA test which can successfully be done as long as you study and put the work in. Once again, this degree leads to so many different jobs with different ranging salaries.

Median Salary:$73,000


Accounting is very similar to finance; however, you are dealing with the money and decisions after they have already been made.

Your job is to review all financial situations and make use that everything adds up. There are many different jobs you can get in accounting as well.

To be an accountant you have to take the CPA exam which is four parts and allows you to be a certified public accountant.

You can go back and get your master’s in accounting or your MBA for further education and an increase in salary.

Best school: The University of Texas at Austin

Median Salary:$69,000


A nursing degree prepares you to work in hospitals and help patients. You would be the main caretaker of the patients at whatever facility you worked at.

You could also work in doctors’ offices, rehabilitating centers, homes, planes, military, etc.

This job would require learning a lot about the science of the human body and medicine. Your top priority as a nurse is your patients’ well-being.

You can go on to get your master’s in nursing or to specialize. You can specialize to be a nurse practitioner, physician’s assistant, nurse anesthetist, and many other things.

Median Salary: $66,000


Chemistry majors can go down so many different career paths.

Many chemistry majors end up going to medical school or to be a physician’s assistant. Chemistry focuses on how substances interact with energy and the basic study of matter.

You could work as a lab technician or research assistant with a bachelor’s in chemistry. You could also go on to get your Ph.D. to be a professor and do research at a research university or get your master’s in education and be a chemistry teacher.

Political Science

Political science focuses on the ideologies of power and politics. You would take many classes to understand how the government works and the basis of political activities throughout the world.

Many people with political science degrees tend to go to law school or work in government offices and private corporations. Political Science is the most popular major for incoming law students.

Median Salary:$64,000


Overall there are so many different college majors that lead to high paying salaries. I would not have enough time or room to express all the wonderful majors and jobs in the world right now.

Money really isn’t everything and you want to enjoy whatever career you choose; however, it can be a factor. With student debt and the cost of living, you want to make sure that you are going to be able to afford whatever major you choose.

You don’t need to have an insane salary you just need to have a high enough salary to pay of your debt and suit the type of lifestyle you want to live.

Don’t start worrying about all of this too much as long as you now that you picked a major that leads to a job that will pay you enough to satisfy your needs.

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