How Getting a Good ACT Score Can Benefit You

If you are wondering what the actual benefits of getting a good ACT score actually are before you start spending time studying for the test, here are some examples of how it helps.

Even if you have the ACT score to get you accepted into the college you want to go to, having a high ACT score can help you receive more money from your college, obtain outside scholarships, and stand out among applications for other things.

Now, there is no need to worry if you have tried hard to receive the score to get into your school and don’t feel you can get any higher. These are simply just reasons to encourage you to try to get the highest score that you personally think you can receive.

Even if you have the score to get into college, don’t be afraid to study harder, look deeper into the tips about taking the ACT, and retake it to attempt to get a higher score.

Paying a small fee to take it again is worth it if you are going to save thousands of dollars when you are actually in college.

Many people regret not trying to get higher scores on their test once they see all the benefits of their friends who went back and retook the test after studying harder.

These next sections will describe in detail how one will benefit from a good ACT score.


I know this seems very obvious, but if you are looking to find scholarships, having a high ACT score will always set you apart. Of course, this is not the only aspect that they look at and you are perfectly capable of obtaining scholarships with an average ACT score if you excel in other things and are involved.

Many schools give out a scholarship to many students called the “presidential scholarship” which you automatically get as long as you have a set ACT score or higher. These scholarships normally take off a large chunk of your overall tuition. So just by simply having a certain ACT score, you can sometimes reduce your tuition by a third automatically.

A lot of colleges already have a pretty selective acceptance process, so when they are handing out other scholarships, they have an even more selective process.

This basically just means that it is unlikely for you to get other academically related scholarships without having a score that is above average (for your college or university).

Honors and Scholars Programs

If you are interested in going above and beyond in your college career and are interested in getting involved in accelerated programs, you are going to need a higher ACT score to get accepted.

These programs normally have many benefits and look great on job and internship applications. This is just one example of how getting a good ACT score can actually benefit you.

These programs are optional so don’t feel pressured, however, if you were interested in being a part of them just be aware of the ACT requirements.


There are so many different awards and banquets in your senior year of high school. This means that there are many opportunities for you to stand out and obtain different things to put on your college and scholarship applications.

Nowadays high schools and colleges keep seeing an increase in the amount of competition and smart students, so your opportunity to receive an academic award at your high school definitely increases with a higher ACT score.

Full Ride Scholarships

Many colleges give out a select few full-ride scholarships to students with outstanding applications. A full ride can mean free tuition or in some cases free tuition, room, and board. This is an outstanding offer an opportunity that allows you to have the chance to get your degree while staying debt-free.

Graduating debt-free is something so many people wish that they could do. If you have a great ACT score (especially at schools with a high acceptance rate), you should apply for their full-ride scholarship.

Getting scholarships can sometimes really affect decisions about where to attend college. When you take the ACT, you choose which schools you want to send your scores to for free.

Make sure that you think that through and send your score to any schools that you want to start looking at you, sending you emails/mail/information, and where you might be able to get scholarships.

If colleges are already looking at your test scores, you can start working towards filling out great applications for scholarships and colleges in general. Work hard on your common application (if that is what you use to apply to most colleges), because it will definitely pay off in the end.

You Can Recover from a low or bad GPA

If you didn’t try as hard as you could in high school ( or if you just struggled with the set-up of the high school curriculum), having a good ACT can sometimes make up for the lack thereof within your GPA.

Now, this does not mean to slack in school and then try and get a superb ACT score.

Many schools do still have a GPA cut off, it’s just that having a high ACT can bring you up to par with others who had a great GPA but mediocre ACT scores.

It’s all about the full package when it comes to any type of application- especially scholarship and college applications- they are looking at every aspect of you and your application, not just one.

May Help you Choose your Major

An ACT score is one very good indicator of what type of majors may best fit you, especially since you can see the breakdown of what you got in each section. If you got a high math score and science score, you might want to go into engineering.

If you were very strong in English and reading sections but not the others, you would probably not want to go into engineering.

Engineering is mostly courses in math and science.

It is okay to accept that you aren’t great at everything. Pick something you will love to do and go for it.

If you do not admit where you are weak and take advantage of where you are strong, you will not choose the right major.

One thing about college is that in order to succeed you have to be able to admit what you need help with and where your weaknesses lie.

You want to make sure that you are good at the basics of whatever major you choose because you will be taking classes based on that for the next four years.

You do not want to torture yourself with chemistry, physics, etc. type of classes if you are weak in the science area. Pay attention to your strengths and weaknesses because they help pave your path at college.

Self Confidence About College

If you are nervous about college classes and curriculum, getting an ACT above the average for the school you are hoping to attend lets you know that you are above the average of the students there and should be a good sign that you will succeed.

College is hard for everyone and you are not going to be perfect. You may still have some that you struggle with just like everyone else, but you can go in with confidence that you can tackle college classes.

Sometimes we all need that extra push to help us get our minds in the right place. The more confidence you have in yourself and in your classes, the harder you will be willing to work, and the better that you’ll do.

If you have an ACT score below the average of the college you are attending, just simply understand that you may have to try harder than those around you, which is okay! You deserve to be there just as much as everyone else, you just may have to work harder for the grades.


With all of this being said, you will be completely successful in college and life if you do not receive an excellent score on the ACT.

What was said above is not meant to make you feel bad about yourself or your decisions, it’s simply meant to encourage you to work as hard as you can in high school so that it pays off in college.

As long as you try as hard as you can, you will receive a score that is fitting for you and you will end up in the right place with a major that works for you. Your ACT score doesn’t determine your life, it is simply just something that can help you achieve things along the way.

Work hard to get a good ACT score while understanding that it doesn’t determine your entire future. Work hard now so that you can appreciate the results later and attend the school of your dreams.

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