How to apply for an AXA Achievement Scholarship

How to apply for an AXA Achievement Scholarship-900

To be able to apply for an AXA Achievement Scholarship there is a series of things that you must take into consideration: 

First and foremost you must register on the AXA Achievement Site, whose domain is which will allow you to create your own student profile before allowing you to fill in the application for the AXA Scholarship later on. 

People who want to apply for an AXA Achievement Scholarship must have the following information, previously gathered because it’s important for the process:

  1. List of involvement in school and community activities.
  2. List of work experience.
  3. Current GPA on a 4.0 scale.
  4. The details of your outstanding achievement.

And point 4 is very important because if you wish to apply for an AXA Achievement Scholarship, you must be sure that this response is very articulate and can fully grasp all the reasons why your achievement is truly outstanding. 

For your AXA Achievement Scholarship essay, it is recommended the use of a word processing software to write and edit, so the final work looks professional and worthy of the AXA Scholarship

If you copy and paste the responses into the application fields, be sure to read them again to avoid any character shift or replacement.

You might also note that if you place the cursor over the text it activates the AXA Scholarship application character counter function.

There is a limit in characters that your essay should not exceed. Also, be careful with appropriately capitalizing your words.

Applying for an AXA Achievement Scholarship

During the process to apply for an AXA Achievement Scholarship, you can save the information you entered and leave the site with the log out button.

If you wish to get in again on the AXA Foundation page, you must enter the username and password.

There will be an option to continue with the AXA Scholarship application, and said option will be up for any updates you might want to add until you finally submit it. 

Even if not all the AXA Scholarship application fields are required, it is encouraged that the students answer every question.

Only when all the fields are completed properly the submission will be available The AXA Foundation Review Page will Highlight the items that need revision.

When all the requirements are fulfilled then the lock and submit option will be available. Please be careful and review it wisely. After the AXA Scholarship application is sent, you can view and print it if you wish, but you will not be able to make any other changes.

Profile information can be updated since it is a different part of the AXA Foundation page. 

What is the AXA foundation?

The AXA Foundation is the subdivision of the AXA company (French multinational insurance firm) that directs the company’s philanthropic and volunteering activities.

The AXA foundation ’s main objective is to help build a stronger society for its customers and employees. The highlight of this division is the AXA Achievement Scholarship, that helps students and parents alike to take the next step towards superior education. 

What is an AXA achievement Scholarship?

The AXA Achievement Scholarship Is a special opportunity given to students all over the US territory to pursue superior education with the aid of the company and the foundation.

It is based on the outstanding achievements that said applicants have had before the pursuit of college, for the company to choose the group of people most worthy of the award. 

What are the guidelines to apply?

To apply for an AXA Achievement Scholarship you must have the following characteristics: 

  • You must be either born in the US or legally living or claiming to become a resident in either of the fifty states, Puerto Rico or Washington D.C.
  • You must be a High School Senior to apply for the fall 2020 semester
  • Show ambition and self-drive, evidenced by the outstanding achievement in school, community or work-related activities

And besides these points, to apply for an AXA Achievement Scholarship, special consideration is given to achievements that empower society or reduces risks for other sectors of the population through education, or in areas such as finance, environmental studies, health, safety, and emergency preparedness.

Award Amounts

The AXA Scholarship project overall provides $1.4 million to young people all over the country (taking Puerto Rico and Washington D.C into consideration too).

Some particular students have the opportunity, when they apply for an AXA Achievement Scholarship, to receive $2500, $10000 or $25000 scholarship.

Additional to this, those who apply for an AXA Achievement Scholarship will be winning an additional $1000 for their schools

Preparing to apply – What can a high school student do now to prepare?

The first thing to do if you are studying in high school and want to apply for an AXA Achievement Scholarship is to get good grades.

It is important that you always strive to be the best you can be and in this way they chances of getting the AXA Achievement Scholarship rise exponentially. 

Other things to be taken into consideration for an AXA Achievement Scholarship is, of course, achievements.

Specifically achievements in volunteering style activities, so don’t be afraid, go outside and look at what you can do to help your community, and be a leader that does a positive and impactful move over those around you. 

Lastly, if you really want this AXA Achievement Scholarship then, there is a “Scholar” part on it.

It would be great if you learned how to communicate effectively your thoughts and aspirations, so exercise writing about the things you do continuously to achieve your goals towards the Scholarship. 

Extracurricular activities are very important

If you want to apply for an AXA Achievement Scholarship, volunteering is highly recommended and appreciated, but in reality, certain activities are taken into consideration more often than others.

Those activities that revolve around empowerment are highly appreciated, with the educational approach to reach the most people.

Also, activities of risk-reducing for smaller communities in regards to finance, health, safety, emergencies, and environmental impact are highly appreciated. 

Tips to be a successful applicant

More often than not, the winners that apply for an AXA Achievement Scholarship tend to have these similarities between themselves: 

  • Be ambitious and driven
  • They are very determined to reach their personal goals
  • Have self-respect, as well as respect for their families and profound admiration for their community 
  • Ability to convey how they identify a challenge and volunteered to strengthen their community through their service, attention, and effort
  • Additional coursework in college

The process to apply for an AXA Achievement Scholarship sounds hard and full of little details here and there, but it really is not.

It is more a matter of creating the habit of doing the things they are asking you to fulfill, rather than view all of this like a ton of job. In reality, volunteering, working and being a good student is good for you in the long run, even after college is over and way beyond. 

A lot of people give up on superior education from myths and misinformation that more often than not are spoken by people all around them.

College is a marvelous experience, this is why the AXA Company highly encourages young people to apply for an AXA Achievement Scholarship.

College is for everyone, education is for everyone, and when you work hard towards what you want, no force or person can stop you in your way to success. 


Creating the habit of helping others is one of the best things you can do in life, and maybe it can be a bit hard to see it at first, but every little grain of sand that you put on for your community, along with others that enjoy serving others and helping their community thrive.

Even for yourself, in the long run. It also makes you feel amazing and gives you a sense of fulfillment like nothing else does. Visualize it as doing something good for the future generations to come, and a way to encourage them to do great things for everyone to enjoy.

Being a great student is also a fantastic thing to do: it doesn’t matter if your high school experience started slowly, you can always get on your feet and work really hard towards being one of the top students.

Everyone is great at something, everyone has a talent, intelligence has a thousand different aspects and the really crucial thing that you need to be good at school, college, and any other educational experience that you will go thru in life is discipline. 

Discipline to be a great student, Effort, and Determination to serve your community and those around you, Confidence to tackle every challenge that will come towards you.

These are the keys that will open the doors to a bright future for you.

Apply for an AXA Achievement Scholarship today! Become the best version of yourself that you can be, love yourself, support yourself and pursue greatness, because the first step towards it, is to really want it.

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