How To Become A Data Scientist

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A data scientist is an expert in the collection, analysis, and interpretation of extremely large amounts of data. One becomes a data scientist through education and/or training needed to fill the role.

The role of a data scientist is an offshoot of several traditional technical roles, including professional mathematicians, scientists, statisticians, and computers.

Data Scientists build hypotheses, draw inferences, and evaluate consumer and market trends, a data scientist analyzes large amounts of data so that he/she can easily interpret the data.

The basic roles of a data scientist include data collection and analysis, using different types of analytics and reporting tools to identify patterns, trends, and relationships in data sets.

Data scientists usually work in teams in the industry to mine big data for knowledge that can be used to forecast customer behavior and identify new opportunities for revenue.

Data scientists are also responsible in many organizations for setting best data collection practices, using analytical tools and interpreting data.

Demand for data science skills has grown significantly over the years, as companies look to gather useful information from big data, the voluminous amounts of structured, unstructured and semi-structured data produced and collected by a large business or internet of things.

How To Get A Degree In Computer Science Or Related Field?

The key for anyone interested in pursuing a computer science-related career is to determine which area is best suited to him or her and then follow a path to success through education and employment.

The guide provides the tools for prospective students to start modeling these steps for a number of degrees and careers in computer science or other related fields, along with additional useful information such as job growth and salary estimates.

Following are the ways that how to get a degree in computer science or related field:

  • Work as an intermediate either in engineering or in computer science
  • Enroll in an engineering university for 4 years bachelor’s program in Computer Science
  • You can also get a degree by taking online classes.

Current Companies That Are Hiring Data Scientists

If you dive into data as a data scientist then, of course, you have to gain insights into the company, which means you have the opportunity to work in a variety of companies that value their own analytics.

Computer and information technology scientists ‘ job prospects, including data scientists, are projected to grow by at least 19% by 2026, making it even easier to grab a role in this sector.

There are various companies that hire data scientists, among which some of them are as follows;

  • Accenture
  • Amazon
  • Apple
  • Facebook
  • Fidelity investments
  • Google
  • Intel
  • Microsoft
  • Twitter
  • PayPal

What Is A Typical Day Like For A Data Scientist?

The most important qualification that separates data scientists from their peers is the superior ability to deliver algorithms that promise to solve business issues.

In addition, the greatest motivation of the Data Scientist is to solve business-level process problems through data-enabled systems and resources that can be used even by non-data experts in their daily business lives.

The Data Scientist is happy when his ideas help to solve problems in the real world.

The second most important feature of a Data Scientist’s work is task execution’s “cross-functionality.” A large amount of working time needs to be invested in aligning business goals with technology goals in Data Science.

A real challenge can be the work of aligning teams across business groups, analytics teams, and technology experts in a large enterprise with competing team agendas.

A typical day of a data scientist’s mornings is packed with meetings and networking on a typical working day to discuss issues and track progress.

The teams may spend time on data analysis, quantitative procedures discovery, or modeling after meetings. Consumer service or business development projects can be assigned to afternoons.

At last, the work teams generally meet at the end of the day to discuss the day’s achievements and the cycle goes on.

Are There Any Certifications Needed To Become A Data Scientist?

It is not necessary to have a certificate to become a data scientist. But also the certificates of data science are not completely useless, of course.

The issuance of certificates for completion of the course as a Data scientist is good because the company or the recruiter sees it as a good way for some students to emphasize that they are actively involved in learning new skills.

Recruiters like to see that candidates are actively trying to improve themselves so that these certificates can help with your job application by listing certificates in your resume.

In short, data science certificates are unlikely to help a great deal in your job applications, particularly at the early pass / fail assessment level.

Technologies That Data Scientists Use

There are so many technologies and tools that a data scientist use in order to carry out their data operations which include;

  • Java
  • Minitab
  • SAS
  • BigML
  • Excel
  • Tableau
  • Weka
  • NoSQL
  • Jupyter
  • Python
  • TensorFlow

What Is A Typical Salary Range For A Data Scientist?

Probably a data scientist is one of the hottest job titles and the most sought-after jobs you can have in the world today.

They are responsible for handling raw data, analyzing it using various techniques as discussed above, and presenting insights to help predict business issues.

A data scientist uses machine learning as well as predicts the future based on past trends.

Data Science jobs are the IT industry’s highest-paid jobs. Data science has a big need for data scientists. Demand for Data Scientist is on the rise, with the average base salary of $130,000 being among the highest paid people in America itself.

McKinsey estimates note that there will be a 50% difference in supply vs. demand for data science professionals in the coming years. You can also practice data science and make sense of data and information.

A data scientist’s average salary range (US) is $119,000.

What Can A High School Do Now To Prepare To Get A Data, Science-Related Degree?

A high school should take steps in order to prepare students to get a data science or related degree as in the upcoming years there is a wide scope of data scientists not only in the IT world but also in other fields too.

Therefore, a high school should do the following things to generate interest in students that relates to data science;

  • Arrange seminars
  • Arrange workshops related to data science
  •  Guest lectures
  • Activities related to IT
  • Introduce different software
  •  Arrange computer classes separately for those students who are willing to do something in this field

What Can A College Student Do Now To Obtain A Data Science-Related Degree?

College students can do the following things to obtain a data science-related degree;

Choose a major to turn into a career in data science – all good choices are math, computer science, physical science, and social science. The major does not need to be specifically focused on math and data, but you need to be able to apply data to the field you are studying.

Take related courses – Statistics and programming skills are required by data scientists. Focus on the topics mentioned and learn to code, regardless of your main selection. This will provide a solid basis for your learning as a data scientist.

Work with a professor – This is extremely important for college students to do. Reach out to a teacher. Show that you are interested in learning and are able to create academic literature that can be published.

Create a personal project – the classroom does not include learning. The best way to learn is to apply what you learn in the classroom to a topic you really care about, whether it’s building your own app, writing a blog, or doing your own exploratory data analysis.

Getting ready for graduate school – this is a catch-all for several smaller activities. Aim at earning good grades and transforming supportive teacher relationships into sparkling recommendation letters. Just note that with a bachelor’s degree, your learning doesn’t end.

Best US Schools For Data Scientists (Computer Science Or Related Field)

There are so many top schools in the US that provide data science education including computer science, data analyst, data architect and other IT related degrees for a data scientist.

However, the top 6 schools of US for data scientists are;

  • Syracuse university
  • Southern Methodist university
  • American university
  • Carnegie Mellon university
  • University of Dayton
  • Pepperdine university


Thus, it is concluded that a wide range of resources and tools are required in data science to analyze data, create esthetic and interactive visualizations, and use machine learning algorithms to create powerful predictive models.

Furthermore, college is full of opportunities for training in data scientists. It is up to you to take advantage of the opportunity to train on campus as a data scientist. Get good grades, meet with teachers, study, and become your dream data scientist.

It takes patience and dedication, but it will pay off well in the long run by investing time in pursuing a career as a data scientist.

The career opportunities are expected to increase for a long time as data permeates our lives and businesses are trying to understand the data generated in the upcoming years with good pay and demand of data scientists is increasing day by day.

I hope you want to get back to work now and become the master of data science you deserve to be and enjoy a successful career.

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