How to Go to College for Free

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For most people, one of the main focuses, when they are looking at colleges, is the cost.

The pricing of college has been rising so much in the previous years, that it is leaving students who graduate with thousands and thousands of dollars in student debt.

Because of this problem within our society, students are looking for any way they can get around the lingering debt after school.

Whether that be to go to a community college, get scholarships and grants, get financial aid, go to the military, etc.

There are so many careers out there right now that require you to have a degree.

Because of this, many people have to go to college in order to even get to the career that they want in the first place.

If they do not have a college fund, and their parents make above the amount of getting financial aid from the government, then they could more than likely be on their own when it comes to paying for college.

This could be a very scary situation. You go from being a high school student who has minimal bills to going to college. When you go to college and become a student the cost is around $10,000-$60,000 per year.

You also have to add in the number of extra things like books, social events, clothes, extra food, etc.

Overall, if you go away to college it can just be a very expensive experience.

If you prepare well and have it figured out exactly down to a budget, you can make this a very doable experience.

However, most high school students have very little experience dealing with their own money and creating budgets for themselves.

It is also important to realize that most students are going to be graduating with at least a little bit of loans.

Because of the overwhelming cost of school, the average student is not going to be able to pay for every single ounce of money that they owe after aid, grants, scholarships, and other things.

There are actually many ways to get your college tuition to a minimal amount, you just have to find them.

I’m going to talk a little bit about all of the different ways that you can try to minimize the number of student loans that you graduate with after college.

What colleges offer free tuition?

Community College

One of the main things that people have started doing is attending a community college.

The great thing about attending community college is that you are saving a tremendous amount of money.

Normally at community college, you’re going to be a commuter student which means that you are not going to have to pay for room and board at a college or university.

Obviously, all of this depends on each individual person and what they’re looking to get out of college.

Many students are looking for the college experience which usually includes living on campus and having more opportunities that are at bigger and traditional colleges and universities.

However, another thing that many students have started doing is to go to a community college for 1 to 2 years and then transfer to the main campus.

This gives them two years of paying a smaller amount of money for tuition, and then this also gives them the chance to save up some money for when they actually transfer to the main campus.

When you’re talking to your different advisers at different colleges, it is usually pretty easy to figure out which community college credits are going to transfer where.

They can basically tell you exactly what classes to take in order to transfer there.

This is a great way to save money and still get to go to the college of your dreams. It is also a lot easier to transfer into schools and to get into them.

If the school is normally very hard to get into and competitive, it may be easier to get in as a transfer student an incoming freshman.

This means it not only are you saving a lot of money for 1 to 2 years, but you may also be giving yourself a better chance of getting into your top school.

This is always going to be a great idea for you if you really do not have the money to go to the main campus of the University, and you are looking to Have time to save money while still taking classes.

Another great thing that is similar to this is going to a branch campus of the University.

You may have to get housing for this type of schooling because it is not in every city for each individual school.

However, the branch campuses are always A lot cheaper than the main campus of the University.

The cost of tuition for a branch campus is going to be similar to the cost of tuition at a community college.


A scholarship is going to be an amount of money that is given to you that you do not have to pay back. It is sort of like a gift in essence.

Scholarships can be handed out for a variety of different things by a variety of different people and organizations.

You can get many different kinds of scholarships including but not limited to academic scholarships.

For example, athletic scholarships, scholarships based on financial aid, scholarships based on involvement, scholarships based on volunteering, and scholarships based on race, ethnicity or gender.

Normally in order to get scholarships, you are going to have to fill out applications.

They are not always about having the highest academics, but you may be required to write an essay and also attach letters of recommendation.

You want to make sure that you are getting people who know you well and can really talk about your strengths through these letters of recommendation.

You also need to make sure that you are taking the correct amount of time and effort to fill out the scholarship application so that you have the best chance of getting them.

Your best bet is to look up any scholarship that relates to you that you possibly can. Take time every day to look up and see if you can find a new scholarship to fill out.

Look for scholarships in your high school, county, future college, parents’ work, and your own job.

You want to find scholarships check out Cappex and How 2 Win Scholarships.

You can also look for scholarships that relate to the major, field, or career that you want to go into, your high school involvement, and your passions.

There is a scholarship for everything out there you just have to find it. You can pay for your school entirely with scholarships if you apply and receive that many.

Many scholarships may be made out in your name or can be refunded back to you after tuition and dues are taken out.

This means that you can sometimes use them for things like books and off-campus living.

Your best opportunity is to fill out as many applications as you can.

You are never going to receive every scholarship I apply for, so the more that you apply for the better your chances are.

Many scholarships don’t get very many if any applicants because no one knows about them.

Sometimes you can receive a scholarship simply because you are one of the only ones who applied.

Scholarship committees are looking for real students who need real help.

Show them who you are and why you would deserve getting money from them over other students.

When it comes to scholarships, the best advice that I can give is to figure out what is different or special about you.

These committees are getting many applicants and reading through many essays and they need to know why you deserve it over others.

Find what makes you different and use it to your advantage.

This is the one time that you want to actually brag about yourself.


Grants are similar to scholarships because it is money that you are receiving that you do not have to pay back.

However, whereas scholarships are usually awarding people and may have nothing to do with financial aid, grants usually focus more on the financial aspect.

Grants are normally given out to people who have more of a financial need than other students or applicants.

The first way to start looking for aid and grants is to fill out FAFSA. Even if you do not think that you will get any aid, you should fill it out every year.

This is your only opportunity to get free money for school form the government. They also offer great deals on loans which can really help you down the road.

You may not be able to find loans like that anywhere else because they don’t need a cosigner and some do not accrue interest while you are in school.

FAFSA gives grants and other aid to needy students. If your parents are separated or divorced, they also take this into account.

They basically look at the financial situation of yourself and those that you are dependent on.

Using this information, they decide how much or if you need help to pay for school.

It is so important that you fill this out every single solitary year. Many scholarship applications also ask for information from your FAFSA.

Every person is given an EFC number after they fill out FAFSA. EFC stands for expected family contribution.

FAFSA basically estimates how much money they think that your family will be contributing to your college tuition and then they base all of their grants and aid off of that number.

The scholarship committee will sometimes like to see this number as well, especially if it a scholarship specifically for financial aid.

It is a great indicator of how financially needy you and your family may be. There may be other options for grants as well through your hometown and college.

I receive grants from my college as well as scholarships and they normally tell you the difference and somewhat explain why you are receiving each.

Taking the extra time out of your day to fill out these applications is definitely worth having thousands and thousands of dollars less to pay whenever you graduate.


Many people will join the military partly because they end up getting free college out of it in the end. They get to try out both choices.

Once you are in the military, you can use the G.I. bill which allows a certain amount of money to pay for college tuition. It covers most schools.

Some people in the military will take classes while they are actually still in the military while others will take classes afterward or save the bill to use for their children.

This is a great opportunity if you are interested in the military and don’t know which path you should take.

You can join the military and still have the option of going to school without all of the debt.

However, it is important to realize that there is a lot of responsibility, rules, and laws when it comes to the military.

Do not join the military simply for free college because you will be in for a rude awakening. You should only take this route if you have a true interest in the military.


Overall, there are many different ways that you can get your amount of loans after college to be smaller or to be done.

Basically, it is up to each individual person to put the work in and take the time to figure out their finances and their budget.

If you thought a different ownership every day, as are that you will get a large number of scholarships.

However, there’s really no science or art to scholarships and there’s always a chance that you could not get as many as you think that you’re going to get.

All you can do is put in the most effort that you possibly can and then take out loans for the rest of the money that you owe.

Many people have to take out loans, and it will be fine in the end. College is a stepping stone to get you to the creature that you want, so just remember that.

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