How to Make Money in College?

How to make money in college

College is expensive so you need to be prepared for the cost. Everyone could use more money unless your Bill Gates. How do you make money in college? There are so many more ways to make money today than even 10 years ago. You can make money online or go the traditional route of working locally.

We all know how stressful the financial burden can be when going to college. People tell you how to prepare for the tuition, room, and board using FAFSA, scholarships, etc. The one thing they don’t tell you is how to prepare for all the living expenses involved with the college.

Being at college is expensive and you are going to be paying for everyday living expenses on your own unless your family is helping you. It’s not too bad if you get into the right job that fits your schedule and makes enough money for you to live off of.

Normal Job Working for a Company

The first thing that you can do is to look into all of the companies around your campus to see if they are hiring. You could even look at restaurants and retail. Just know your boundaries when it comes to hours and days that you can work.

Waitressing could be great because of the tips or it could be bad because sometimes college students do not tip well. It could also possibly have you working every weekend night depending on the restaurant.

Breakfast restaurants are always a good option and have a lot more adults attending that may tip better. They also have better schedules because of the timing of the meals that are provided and when customers want to purchase them.

If you have the time and you are interested in building your resume, you can always investigate jobs that have to do with your major or internships, co-ops, etc. A great place to start looking if you don’t know where to start is Handshake.

All that you do is connect it with your school ID and it shows all the companies hiring from your school and in your area. Just make sure that you put your classes first and don’t get yourself too deep in a job that affects your education.

You can also check your online campus portal, student employment board, etc. for any type of on-campus jobs that may be open. It takes a lot to run a college and usually there are money opportunities for campus employment. The good thing about working for your university as well is that they will be very lenient to work around your schedule and always put school first.

Take Online Survey’s and Get Paid

Companies are in fierce competition and paid online surveys are booming.

To get ahead companies are looking to human behavior to figure out how to get people to buy their product or serve. Companies will hire a marketing firm that specializes in market research. This company will send out surveys to a group of participants that had signed up to take the surveys.

You will not get rich off this online work but and extra $100 bucks for the month never hurts.

The top 3 include:

Lyft / Uber

A lot of students find themselves looking into being a Lyft or Uber. It is a great side job and you can make your schedule. You can also work as much or as little as you please. The requirements are:

  • That you are 21
  • Have a car that is a 4 door
  • The car can be no older than 10 years
  • Has a U.S. in-state license for a year or 3 years if you’re under 21
  • Must have auto insurance
  • Need to have a social security number
  • pass a background and driving record check.

There are a few differences between Lyft and Uber, but the requirements are mostly the same.

You can also get tips from your riders when you are a driver which is a nice addition to your hourly pay. In order to do this job, you must be comfortable with being alone in your car with strangers so take that into consideration when it comes to deciding.

Many Uber drivers also pick people up and take them to and from bars so make sure you are comfortable with driving intoxicated people as well.

Become a Virtual Assistant

Remote jobs have been on the rise for the past several years. Some say that virtual assistants are in high demand. You can probably find virtual assistant jobs for many kinds of services including accounting, marketing, and customer service.

You can usually make somewhere around $15-$16 an hour. Some good places to start looking are:

  • Belay
  • Profit Factory
  • Equivity
  • Gabbyville

This is a really great way to make money from your dorm, apartment, house, etc. It is so important to have flexibility when it comes to having a job in college.

Here are a few courses that can kick start your VA business.

  • $10K VA
  • 30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant

Trade CryptoCurrency

In case you didn’t know, cryptocurrency is a digital system designed to verify assets and transferring assets, secure different kinds of financial transactions, and control the addition of any additional currency.

You can basically buy goods and services and trade them for profit using this online form of payment. They often call the currency tokens or coins. You currently can buy cryptocurrency with U.S. dollars but some other countries may actually require you to use another form of cryptocurrency like bitcoin.

Online Tutoring for Sites

A great thing to do when home at college is online tutoring or grading. You already have a list of things that you need to get done while at the library ad on your laptop. Now you can just add another thing that puts money in your pocket.

If you are interested in grading younger children’s work, you can try to get a job at Graide Network which allows you to get paid for grading K-12 graders work online.

All that you must do to apply is grade some mock papers and they will judge their decision off that. So just make sure you set aside about thirty minutes if you are interested in applying for that. If you want to be an online tutor, some good sites to investigate are:

You can also check and see about any schools near you comes that might need tutors or on-campus tutoring for your strong subjects.

Sell services on Fiverr

Fiverr is a huge online portal for over 250 different types of freelancing services. It was based in Israel and has been extremely successful and popular in other countries.

Buyers pay Fiverr in advance for their services and basically the seller gets to keep 80% of the profit. The payment is transferred to you immediately after the purchase is made. It is a great way to get started with fields like graphics, digital marketing, and writing.

Build an eCommerce Site

Ecommerce sights are online portals that allow you to transfer goods and services over the internet.  Amazon would be an example of an eCommerce site.

Basically, you could either create this type of website or be a seller, kind of like on eBay. There are so many smaller eCommerce websites that are so successful. This could be a great way to make money especially if you have a talent for creating or selling items.

Some examples of these types of websites are Shopify, Bonanza, and eCrater. To create your own site, start by purchasing a domain name and finding a web developer.

Participate in Market Research

A great and easy way to make money right from your cell phone are apps and websites like:

You basically can take surveys, watch videos, and gain points that lead to money. It is an easy and quick thing that you could even do while watching Netflix or doing your homework.

Vindale Research has you take surveys about companies that lead to cash, it is basically giving feedback on products.

Save Money App

Try Trim  

Trim is an app that will go through all the bills and subscriptions that you have linked through your phone and tell you where you can save money. It is a nice little reminder of how you could have a better financial plan and may catch things that you would have never caught without it.

It can even find you cheaper deals on current subscriptions you have or even your current insurance plan. It is always a great idea to have something else backing up your finances and helping you make smart decisions.

Make Money Teaching English Online  

On this site, you can get paid $22 to teach children English from the comfort of your own home.


It started by helping children in China and it has been so successful thus far, you get to pick your own hours, work from where you want to, and make a great amount of money on top of it.

If you are going into education this could be a great idea for you and wood look great on your resume once you are applying to real schools after graduation.

Become a Web Designer

There are many different sites that are always looking for online and remote web designers.

Check your student job board, because a lot of companies love to showcase this opportunity to college students. This gives you free creative reign and usually a nice amount of money. This is also another opportunity that looks great on a resume.

Rent out your Car at College

Lots of students are not able to bring their cars to college, especially if they live out of state. If you do have a car on campus you could have the opportunity to rent your car out to others and make a lot of money doing it. You probably aren’t using your car that much, anyway, so why not make money off of the time it would just be sitting in the driveway.4

Overall, there are so many different options to make money during school even if your top choice doesn’t pan out. Just make sure to put your education first and look for a job that is lenient and doesn’t require too many hours. The more money you make per hour, the less time you have to work and the more you can focus on getting your degree.

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