Freshman Year of College and How to Prepare

Freshman Year of Preparation for college can be so stressful. Most times you have no idea what to expect and you are just doing everything you can to make sure you are prepared for your freshman year. Especially if you are a first-generation college student, you have no idea what to expect.

The good thing is that most times freshmen come I with too many things and are over-prepared.

However, you would rather be too prepared than not have enough stuff and not know enough. Don’t stress out too much. As long as you do the research and take the summer to prepare, you should successfully be prepared for your first year of school.

Here are some tips to help you figure out what are the most important things to do before your first year of college.

Start Talking to Your Future Peers

Many times there are Facebook pages and other social media opportunities to start talking to your future peers. You can group them by major, gender, housing. A great idea is to start group messages so that you have some friendly faces when you get to school.

I am currently in a scholar program and we had a huge group message before our freshman year of college.

To this day I am so glad that I came into school knowing a little bit about the people in my scholar’s program who I lived with my first year. Don’t feel weird, reaching out is a great thing and shows great personality.

All of these people are having the same feelings and experiences as you. This is a luxury that we have nowadays with technology that people in past generations didn’t get to do.

Find a Roommate

Another thing that you can do on social media is to reach out to find a roommate. If you do not already have a roommate who you know from high school going to school with you, this is.

A great opportunity to choose someone to room with who you think would actually be compatible with you and your living style.

This is so nice because then you won’t have to be placed with someone random and you have time to actually get to know the person you will be living with for a year before you show up to college.

I have heard so many success stories from roommates who found each other on Facebook or other social media platforms. Because they had actually reached out to people, they seemed compatible with they ended up becoming great friends with their roommate. This can take a lot of stress off of your first year of college and living with new people.

Be Prepared for Orientation

Orientation is very overwhelming. It is the first time that you are actually exposed to the place you will be living. Many times at different schools you even stay the night in some of the dorms.

It is important to be prepared.

This is your time to ask any questions and figure out anything that you need to know before you are actually attending this college.

You also want to know a little bit about your major and the classes you have to take because it is typical for colleges to have incoming freshman schedules at their orientation. Overall just know that it is going to be overwhelming so be prepared.

Be Prepared to Pay Tuition

The payment for tuition really sneaks up on you. It is due before you even move into college. You want to make sure that you are paying attention to your FASFA and your financial aid statement from your actual college.

You need to make sure you have the right amount of loans, scholarships, money, etc. to actually pay for your tuition. If it is your first time paying tuition, it can be a little overwhelming and seem like it just sneaks up on you.

Some scholarships are sent directly to the school, so you need to look into that if you are receiving external scholarships.

Also, some scholarship checks are sent to you but made out to the university. In this case, you need to contact your university to see how to go about that and make sure the money is put towards tuition before the actual due date of tuition.

You also need to make sure that you take out a loan in time. Some loans require a cosigner, so make sure that you are giving yourself enough time to get a cosigner and get the loan.

Ask Questions

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. This can be to anyone. Don’t be afraid to ask your teachers and counselors questions about scholarships, applications, colleges, etc. Also, don’t be afraid to ask any alumni or current students from school questions.

People love to talk about their time in college and their accomplishments, so if you are curious or have questions, reach out to people.

Going to college is scary and involves so much change. Don’t be afraid to ask questions during this time of your life. It is the first time you are going to actually be on your own and in the real world.

Snacks and Food for Dorm

Many people don’t think about storing a decent amount of food in their dorm. Keeping snacks and food in our dorm is a good idea because it saves you time and money.

You obviously want to get your money’s worth out of your food plan, however, you don’t want to have to leave your dorm just for a bag of chips.

Especially when the weather is bad, it is really nice to have some backup food in your dorm. Especially if you have a fridge and a microwave. But don’t buy too many sweets because the “freshmen fifteen” does actually happen if you aren’t careful.

Freshmen fifteen is you gain 15 pounds in your first year of college. It happens to a ton of new freshmen every year.

Be Prepared to Live in a Dorm

This sounds very obvious but make sure that you think about every aspect of living in a dorm. Make sure that you come prepared with storage, command strips, extension cords, and decorations. You should kind of plan out exactly where you are going so tore everything before you get there.

So many times students end up having to go to the store on move-in day because they didn’t bring enough storage. On this note, make sure that you aren’t bringing too much.

Most dorms are small and the last thing that you want to do is bring so much stuff that it doesn’t all fit. You can always bring more stuff or have your family send you things. Look at the layout of the room and realistically plan what you are binging before you get there.

Start Being Independent

So many students get to college and realize that they have never had to be independent before.

They don’t know how to do laundry, use their bank account, or do anything themselves. If you are someone who is really dependent on your parents, family, and others, take some time before you get to college to start doing things on your own.

You are already in a new place with new people the last thing that you need to do is have a life crisis because you realize that you still aren’t capable of doing most things on your own. Even if you think that you are an independent person, take some time to really start doing as much as you possibly can on your own.

College is a lot different. You have more alone time and independence than you ever have before.

If you’re planning for college and need some advice take a look at College planning checklist every parent needs

Do the Research

Make sure that you take the time to research everything you can. We are so lucky with all the technology that we have because we have access to so much information.

Make sure that you are researching as much as you can about your college. You can look stuff up about the involvement at your school, the housing, your major, the classes, and the professors. The more knowledge you have going in, the better that you will feel.


Overall there is so much that goes into your freshman year of college. There are so many changes, new places, and new people. It is a great experience and an exciting time of your life; however, you want to make sure that you prepare before so that it is not super stressful.

Being prepared makes everything so much better and allows you to start enjoying your college experience from the moment that you get there. It’s as simple as making sure that you have everything for your dorm and start looking for a roommate.

Any amount of stress that you can relieve from when you are actually in college will make the biggest difference.

Just ask anyone who is already in school and they will say the same thing. In the end, this is all about you. This means that you have total control of the situation.

If you’re looking to apply for college soon, we suggest you use this site to help start you on your journey.

Being prepared and getting everything ready is all up to you. You are finally at the time o your life where you don’t have to depend on everyone else.

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