Is College Debt Worth It?

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One good question folks should consider before going to college: Is College Debt Worth It? Most of us would say it is worth it. The amount of money you can earn over your lifetime increases dramaically if you go to college.

Deciding what you were going to do with the rest of your life is a big task to decide especially when you are only probably 18 and a senior in high school.

You can’t drink but somehow, you’re supposed to figure out what you want to do with the rest of your entire life.

You’re supposed to know who you want to be, what your morals are, what your passion is, and what you stand for.

This is a lot. I’m not only are you supposed to decide this, but you’re also supposed to decide if having maybe $100,000 that is worth it. When you were still a teenager. There’s definitely not the right answer to this question.

I don’t think anyone will ever find a way to explain if college is worth it. I’m going to try my best and use examples from my life.

To know if college debt is worth it, it comes down to what you want to do with your life.  

Is College Debt Worth It: Goals

There are so many different things that you can do and make good money without going to college. Some of the technical schools that are a part of different high schools are also awesome opportunities.

I’ve had friends graduate high school with associate degrees in different things including dental, welding, and cosmetology.

This is awesome because you already have a degree and you just graduated high school. You can also go on to get a bachelor’s degree without having to pay for the original associates.

Basically, if you can do something and you’re good at something that doesn’t involve going to college, then there’s no reason to go at all.

If you know that you want to be a welder that you were good at it, then you’re going to make good money and there is no reason that you need to go to college.

If you want to be a hairdresser, then go to a couple of months a year of cosmetology school and you will be set.

You know that you want to be a firefighter, then you just go to fire school and not go to your college.  

Answering these questions is the first step for you to figure out if you’re going to college.

What you need to do is just first figure out what you want to do in general. Once you know what you want to do then you can figure out what you need to do in order to get there. Knowing what you want to do is the trick to knowing if college debt is worth it.

Is College Debt Worth It: Career 

There are simply just certain things that you can’t do in life without a college degree.

If you want to be a doctor, you can’t just simply be a doctor. You have to go to school and do the work to get there. This is basically part of your decision. If what you want to do involves going to college then you’re obviously just going to have to do it.

When I was deciding between majors, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to major in music, which was my passion or to something else.

I have a lot of different friends to end up going to school for music and they love it. It was a great decision on their part and now they get to do what they love every day.

It also puts them in environments to help them get jobs and careers within the field and have different opportunities that I will probably never have.

Deep down in my heart, I knew that I could still be involved with music without going to college for it. But I knew that there are many other things that I couldn’t do without a college degree.

That is why I decided to end up going to school for business. I knew that I couldn’t do different things with finance and accounting without going to school for business.

Is College Debt Worth It: Options

I am now on track to get my master’s in accounting in four years and hopefully work for one of the big four accounting firms.

Keeping music involved in my life, but having the opportunity to learn and educate myself about things that I didn’t know about before. I am also giving myself the opportunity to have jobs that I never could’ve had without going to school. 

I am currently pre-law and I’m keeping my options open. Although I do not plan on actually going to law school.

You can’t be a lawyer and protect people without going to school for it. This might sound like common sense, but when it comes down to it this is really all the colleges.

It’s just another thing that you need to do to get where you want to be.

When it comes down to it you don’t buy a car simply because you don’t want to make a car payment. If you want to have a car and be able to drive around, then you have to make a car payment.

It is pretty similar to college. If you want to have certain careers, then you have to pay the price.

Just think of your student loans like a car payment. You had to make them in order to get your job just like you have to pay your car payment in order to have your car. 

Is College Debt Worth It: Changing Your Mind 

What happens to a lot of people after taking certain classes at college, is that they change their mind about what kind of career they want to have.

They never would’ve figured this out if they didn’t have the opportunity to take the classes.

College really opens your mind to many different things. It shows you what it’s like to have many different career paths in life choices.

If you are someone who is kind of unsure about what you want to do. That is ok college might be the best decision for you to figure out what you’re truly passionate about.

Many people say they don’t want to pay for college if they don’t know what they want to go for. College is the best place for you to find what to do with your life.

I came to find out about so many new passions of mine since I went to school.

In school I found out that I enjoy workout classes and nature walks. I even discovered that I have little affinity for political science (which I might end up adding a minor in). 

Having the opportunity to read books by the author is that I now love and read other books.

These are the types of things that help you figure out what you actually want to do with your life.

Going into college I wasn’t really sure what my end goal was.

I wasn’t really sure what time of the actual job that I wanted.

Now I have talked to so many amazing people and been to so many events we’ve got to hear about people in their actual careers and business.

Is College Debt Worth It: Conclusion

Now that I’ve had these opportunities to be a part of these experiences. I know what I actually want to do with the rest of my life. This is definitely not the only way to find a career that’s right for you. It is a good start and it has already worked for so many people already.

College is a great place to find yourself. You are surrounding yourself with the opportunity to learn. College can help you find what you are good at, and you are surrounded by people in the same situation. 

Basically, I think the college that is worth it if you’re going for something that you love. You also need to make the amount of money that suits your lifestyle.

College is a stepping stone to your career that costs you. If college is what you must have in order to have a career of your dreams, then so be it.

However, if you were just feeling pressured to go to college don’t do it. In the end, it is really just up to you and your own lifestyle. College is a necessity for some things while it is not needed for others at all.

Figure out what you need in life and see where college coincides with that. Think of the car example. Would you not purchase a car simply because you will have car payments? Don’t let money get in the way of your aspirations for a career that fulfills your passions and lifestyle. 

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