Popular Majors in College (Which One to Pick)

Popular Majors in College

Picking a major in college can take a lot of time and research. It’s one of the biggest decisions concerning college that you are going to make. You need to pick a major so we decided to give you the most popular majors in college.

Your senior year of high school, you aren’t even allowed to use the restroom without asking but you have to decide what you want to do for the rest of your life.

Obviously, you can change your major throughout college. It is very common for students to change their major at least once if not twice.

Even though you have ample opportunity to explore your passions once you are in college, it is smart to at least try to figure out what field you would like to be in. 

Even if you end up going in undecided or changing your major, it is only in your best interest to do as much research as you can before.

A lot of times, students know what type of field they want to be in (business, engineering, medical, etc.) and they simply end up changing their specific major.

For example, being in the business school and changing from marketing to finance or being in the engineering school and changing from mechanical to electrical.

Many students also end up changing their end goals.

Students may come into undergraduate thinking they will end up going to medical or law school.

Once in school, they then realize that it is just not the path that they want to go down.

Students may simply just find a path that better suits their strengths and their passions.

I am going to share some information about the most popular majors to help you make your decision. 

Computer Science

Computer science

Computer science is one of the most popular majors in college. Some students decide to major in computer science and other students decide to major in computer science engineering (CSE).

The main difference is the abundance of engineering classes that CSE majors will take.

There are also different careers available depending on what your major is going to be.

CSE majors will have more job opportunities within engineering companies and to engineer new systems. 

A computer science major will take classes like:

  • Calculus
  • Algorithms
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Computer science theory
  • Data logistics
  • Computer architecture
  • Data analytics
  • Etc.

Computer engineering majors will take those classes along with the list below.

  • General engineering classes
  • Industrial system classes
  • Coding classes
  • Circuit analysis
  • Discrete and continuous signals
  • Plus more

The main career paths for computer science majors are:

  • Software developer
  • Database administrator
  • Web developer 
  • Information security analyst
  • Computer research scientist

Main career paths for computer science engineering majors are:

  • Hardware engineer 
  • Systems analyst
  • IT architect
  • Systems manager
  • Network administrator 

The average salary of a computer science major s around $65,000 and the average salary of a computer science engineering major is around $100,000.


Communication Major

Communications is also a popular major. The main reason why this is such a popular major is that it is so versatile. You can use a communications major for a multitude of different careers.

You should never be stuck in one place.

Some of the different types of communications majors include:

  • Strategic communication
  • New media and communication technology
  • Communication analysis

You will take general education classes and then other classes including:

  • Communication theory
  • Corporate communication
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Mass communications
  • Research methods
  • Plus more. 

Some popular career choices for a communications major includes:

  • Public relations specialist
  • Meeting planner
  • Events planner
  • Media planner
  • Social media specialist
  • Alumni development specialist 
  • Journalist
  • Broadcaster
  • Electronic media specialist

When it comes to communications, the salaries can really vary depending on what career path you choose and where your location is. With that being said, the average salary for a communications major is somewhere around $45,000. 

Government/Political Science

Government and Political Science

If you are into politics, then political science is the way to go. There are many jobs for someone who has an undergraduate degree in political science, but another popular option for students with this major is to go to law school.

Students going for political science many times end up lawyers, campaign managers, or any position signing political campaigns. They sometimes even go on to get into politics.

A popular minor for political science is public policy.

Other than general education courses, some typical classes of a political science major include:

  • Government
  • American political system
  • Microeconomics
  • Early and modern political thought
  • Women in government
  • Minorities in government
  • Public policy
  • Campaign politics

The most popular career choices for this major include:

  • Policy analyst
  • Legislative assistant
  • Public relations specialist
  • Social media manager
  • Political consultant
  • Attorney
  • Campaign manager
  • Campaign assistant 

Salary varies depending on where you work but just out of school the average pay is $45,000. You get a couple years’ experience that goes up to $62,000


Business major

Business is a very popular choice because there are so many different majors within it.

A business major will also give you the opportunity to choose from a multitude of careers.

You are never stuck in a singular career and even after working in the same field for years it is easy for you to relocate.

Some examples of business majors are:

  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Logistics
  • Operations
  • Industrial systems
  • Insurance
  • International business

Other than general education courses, some classes that you might take include:

  • Calculus
  • Microeconomics
  • Microeconomics
  • Computer science
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Logistics
  • Operations
  • Business law

Because the range of majors is so different and leads to so many different careers, the salaries tend to differ a lot.

Here are the average salaries for each major. 

Finance: $60,000
Accounting: $80,000
Marketing: $50,000
Logistics: $65,000
Operations: $90,000
Industrial systems: $50,000
Insurance: $70,000
International business: $55,000


Economics major

Economics is a great major if you have an interest in business and government. You will take a mixture of:

  • Economics
  • Business
  • Government
  • Political science classes.
  • Statistics
  • Information systems
  • Business communications
  • Calculus.

A common major to apply to law school with is economics because it shows that you have all the right interests to be a lawyer. The top two majors for law schools currently are economics and political science. 

Some common career paths for economics majors include:

  • Market research analyst
  • Economic consultant
  • Actuary
  • Credit analyst
  • Financial analyst
  • Policy analyst
  • Lawyer 

The average salary for someone majoring in economics is around $60,000

English Language and Literature

English Major

Many people who enjoy reading and writing when they are in high school and younger tend to excel in English, language, or literature.  This is a great major for a creative mind that leads to several different career paths.

Other than general education courses, English majors will take several classes including:

  • Composition
  • Creative writing
  • Drama
  • English as a second language
  • Language and logistics
  • Literary theory and criticism

Many people will get a minor in education and go on to be a teacher. If you go to school long enough to get your Ph.D., you could even be a professor. 

Most popular careers within English majors include:

  • Social media manager
  • Technical writer
  • Public relations specialist
  • Grant writer
  • Teacher
  • Librarian
  • Human resources specialists
  • Editor
  • Content manager
  • Writer 

Because there is a wide variety of career paths that you could take as an English major, the amount of a person’s salary can really differ.

Overall, the average salary of an English major is around $50,000 but the top ten percent can make over $160,000.


Psychology major

Many people who have an interest in science go into psychology. It works out very well for people who are interested in possibly going on to professional school. You can get a minor in education and work toward being a high school counselor.

Some counselor positions require a master’s degree it just depends on where you are trying to work. You can also continue your education to get your P.H.D. and be a professor.

If you are a psychology major, you will take many general education courses:

  • Biology
  • Developmental psychology
  • Abnormal psychology
  • Cognitive psychology
  • Social psychology
  • Ethical issues
  • History of psychology

Classic career paths within psychology majors include:

  • Correctional officer
  • Police officer
  • Psychiatric technician
  • Community service manager
  • Health educator 

The average salary for a psychology major is around $40,000.


Nurse Major

If you are interested in the medical field, but you do not want to be any sort of doctor or surgeon, then your best bet is to go to nursing school.

Nursing is the best major within the medical field that does not require a master’s degree or further and still offers a great salary.

Nursing school consists of a lot of evidence-based classes and clinicals. You will also take a lot of science classes including:

  • Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Pathophysiology
  • Chemistry
  • Pharmacology

Some of the top jobs for nursing students include:

  • Nurse anesthetist
  • Nurse practitioner
  • Family nurse practitioner
  • Mental health nurse
  • Head nurse
  • Nurse midwife
  • Nurse research assistant

The average salary for someone with a nursing degree is around $60,000.

Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineering

Engineers harness chemical reactions to produce things people want by helping transform energy and materials.

Chemical engineers are going to focus a lot on the different types of chemistry like regular chemistry 1 and 2, and organic chemistry.

Chemical engineering students are also going to take a lot of general engineering classes including mechanical engineering classes.

The main career paths for chemical engineering include:

  • Analytical chemist
  • Energy manager
  • Environmental engineer
  • Manufacturing engineer
  • Production manager

The average salary for a chemical engineer is around $80,000.

Best College Major Video

This video below has some really good information on the best majors and majors you want to avoid.


Overall there are many different career paths to choose from and be successful as long as you do your research and choose a major that interests you most, you will be successful. Make sure that you are capable of the time and dedication for whatever major you choose.

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