Pros and Cons of Going Random for a College Roommate

Once you figure out which college or university you are going to attend, one of the first things that you are going to start thinking about is roommates.

You may be going to a school where it is easy to have more than one roommate and be in a triple or a quad. In this case, you will be looking for even more than one roommate. You may have some friends are going to the same school as you, or you may have no one that you know going to the same school as you.

Either way, you may be considering going random for a roommate.

You and a friend may even be considering looking for other people to room with you in something like a quad at college. Many people have differing opinions about rooming with your friend, so you may be thinking about rooming with a random person even if you do have a friend going to the same school as you.

Of course, everyone has different opinions about this and there really is no right answer.

In the end, it is really going to be up to you and what decision you think will give you the best experience your first year. Just in case you were looking for some tips and pointers from someone who has attended a full year of school already, here are some pros and cons of rooming with the random roommate.

Although I personally did not have a random college roommate, I had many many friends that did. This meant that I got to hear all about the different stories. It’s also meant that I got to become friends with many people who had chosen random college roommates.

Most people nowadays don’t completely go random for roommates. They at least look on Facebook or other social media.

So when I’m referring to a random roommate I’m not always referring to someone that you’ve never spoken to before. It could possibly be someone you’ve never spoken to, but more than likely it’s someone you at least have talked to through social media or some other source of communication.

Either way, it is someone that you didn’t know before going to college.


You Are Forced to Meet New People

If you were someone that is not very outgoing or does not make friends easily, then this is a great way for you to make your first friend and get out of your box. If your room with a friend you may not be as likely to reach out and meet new people when you first start college.

Some of the best friends that I’ve made so far are the people that I became close within the first couple weeks or couple months of college.

Going through that extreme change together is really a great way to bond with new people. The first few months are so important when it comes to making new friends and finding the people that you’re going to experience your college years with.

Obviously, you will make many friends throughout your college experience, but believe me, these first few people will usually last through college and later. At least having a random roommate will make you attempt to make a new friend even if it doesn’t work out.

You Can Find them on Facebook

The great thing about finding roommates nowadays is that you can look for them on social media. Before social media was a thing, many people had actually just gone completely random every time they wanted a roommate.

They would just be randomly placed with any other person that was attending the University. Now, you can look on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to find someone that you think that you would get along with well.

This is a great opportunity for you to find someone that you could actually be great friends with and could really improve your college experience. This means that normally people post about their major, what type of things they’re into doing, and what they might be like as a roommate. This will kind of let you know the type of person that they are in if you would get along with them well as a roommate.

You Can Meet Up or Skype/ Facetime Before School Starts

Because you have the opportunity to find them on social media, this normally means that you can try to meet up with them or speak with him before school starts as well.

If they live in the same state or close to you, you may be able to meet up for lunch or something and talk with them just to make sure that they are really someone you think you want to room with at college.

If they live in another state you can always FaceTime, Skype, or call them just to see how it is to speak with them. This is a great thing about new technology that people did not have 20 years ago. It really helps people find roommates to connect with and make the college experience better as a whole.

Remember, this is the person that you were going to be with when you’re going through one of the biggest changes and challenges in your life thus far. You want to try your best to make it someone who is at least not going to make it any worse.

Even if you don’t end up being best friends, as long as you have a good roommate your life will be a lot easier.

You May Be Great Friends

I have so many friends who found one of their best friends as a random roommate. Because they went through such a big change together they bonded very well and became very close friends. Also, because they were able to pick them out from Facebook or some other social media they found someone who they were very similar to. I can name at least four groups of friends who became friends by beginning as roommates. Going random can obviously go bad, but I can also go very good. So if you’re willing to take a chance, you can find yourself a new best friend and a great college roommate.


You Have No Idea What Kind of Lifestyle They Have

One of the bad things about going random for a college roommate is that just because you really like the personality of someone doesn’t mean that you’ll like them as a roommate.

Just because you’re really great friends with someone, doesn’t mean that you really want to room with them. Little things like being messy, leaving food out, and not taking the trash out can really be irritating as a roommate.

Dorms are very small and not keeping them clean can really have an effect on how you see the person as a roommate. Maybe they party a lot, or maybe they’re always bringing people over, these are the types of things that will really annoy you.

Obviously, it all depends on what type of person you are and what type of roommate you’re looking for. If you do speak with them before actually picking a roommate, try your best to ask little questions that might lean towards what they’re going to be like as a roommate. You can ask things about how late to stay up, how much they’re gonna go out, and how often they want to have people over.

You Don’t Know if they Want to Actually be Friends

Sometimes what happens is that people misunderstand what you’re talking about. Basically, you think you’re looking for a best friend and roommate and they think they’re just looking for a roommate.

Sometimes the first meeting will go really well and then once you get to school you realize that they’re not interested in actually being friendly. Obviously, there is nothing that you can do about this other than just make sure that things are fine between you as roommates.

This is OK if this happens.

You don’t always have to be close friends with everyone. And as long as they’re being an OK roommate, it’s fine that you’re not going to be best friends.

Believe me, you’ll definitely find the friends that you need at college.

It Could Affect the Overall Experience of Your First Year

The worst-case scenario, you end up with a roommate that treats you bad and isn’t a good roommate at all.

Out of all of my friends, there were only two people that actually had this problem. If something like this happens, the best thing that you can do is just try to be civil as roommates.

This is really rare nowadays that Facebook groups for roommates are a thing. Although, it really does still happen. I wouldn’t worry about this too much, but the best thing that you can do is just try to find someone that won’t cause too many problems with you as a roommate.

The last thing that you want his roommate is going to distract you from your education. Having a bad roommate could affect your overall experience your first year, but that is only if you let it. So just try your best to find someone who will be a good roommate and if they aren’t, try to at least be civil with them.

Many times if it is not a good situation the university will work with you to move rooms or get a new roommate.


Overall, what do you want to do for a roommate situation is really up to you and what you want. You need to figure out what is going to be best for you and hope you have the best experience your first year.

In the end, it’s only one year (actually it’s only nine months). So basically even if it doesn’t go out as well as planned it really doesn’t last that long. A roommate can make a really big difference in your first year, but it doesn’t have to. Don’t let one person determine how your first year is going to be. And before you know it it’s going to be over.

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