Should I Go to College with My Best Friend

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Going to college with your best friend is a great idea but there are many things to consider. Sometimes you may end up choosing to go to the same university as some of your friends.

So naturally, it makes sense to start thinking about possibly rooming with them. Whether that means rooming with a group of friends from your high school or rooming with just one of them. This is a very common situation that arises; however, it has a very controversial topic surrounding it.

Many people just assume that rooming with your best friend is going to cause problems and cause drama. Other people just automatically assume that everything will go good because they already know this person.

Many people would rather room with someone you already know then go for someone random or try to find someone on Facebook. In the end, there really is no right answer and it kind of just depends on each individual and of course their friend or friends.  

Should I Go to College with My Best Friend? Considerations

The first thing that I’m going to say is that living with someone is definitely different than just being friends with them. There are plenty of people that I know that I love being friends with me and that I would never want to live with.

It’s kind of the problem that arises with couples honestly. You see, many times what happens when couples first move in with each other is that they never realized that they get annoyed with certain things that the other does.

Even if you spent a lot of time with someone, it is still not the same as living with them. Living with someone entails dealing with their sleeping habits, eating habits, cleanliness, hygiene, etc.

These are all definitely things that you want to think about before deciding to room with someone.

The plus side to having the opportunity to know somebody well before rooming with them is that you might be able to pick out whether or not you guys will get along as roommates rather than a random person.

Maybe you come to realize that you actually would it be great roommates with your best friend because you don’t like their eating habits and they’re always a mess compared to your organize self.

At least, you know enough about them to get some idea of what rooming with them would be like. 

I personally roomed with my best friend from high school during my freshman year of college. So basically what I’m going to talk about it some of my experiences and some of my friend’s experiences rooming with people that they either were also friends with or had never met before.

Some people went on Facebook, and of course, some people went random with the roommates in general.

It really just comes down to each person. I have many other friends who I would not have gotten along with as roommates simply because of their living habits. 

Should I Go to College with My Best Friend: Cleaning/Organization 

Dorm rooms are small. I know that this isn’t really new news to you exactly, but it’s definitely something to think about when it comes to a roommate.

If someone is messy, it automatically makes your entire living space messy.

If you are someone who likes to say neat and organized, and your best friend normally has a bedroom that is a mess. They may have food laying around from three days ago and clothes all over the place, then maybe that is not your best bet.

Odds are, especially since they were already comfortable with you, that their stuff will suddenly start being all over your side of the room including their trash.

It is weird to think that being comfortable with someone could actually cause problems, but it really could. If they are interested in impressing you because they already know you, then you’re not going to try to be taking the trash out and making their room clean.

This sounds like something small but when your dorm room is really the only place where you were living, basically it is your entire house, it really does matter if it is clean, organized and put together.  

This goes the same as it is the other way around. If you know but you’re not exactly the most organized person ever and that you tend to be slightly a mass, then if your best friend is a neat freak you might end up just causing problems with one another.

My opinion is that you should keep your friendship rather than live in a dorm with someone for a year and end it.

It seems silly, but you really could end a friendship over small things like this. When you’re already going to a new place like college, things like roommates and clean dorms can cause huge fights when you’re already overwhelmed with everything else.

Personally, my friend and I were both organized people. We weren’t super clean or neat freaks exactly, but we definitely like things somewhat clean and organized.

We both took the trash out all the time, swept our rooms, and somewhat kept all of our stuff on our individual side of the room.

We definitely don’t have a problem with any of this. We figured it out early that our personalities would work and we both lived a certain way.

Should I Go to College with My Best Friend: Sleeping Habits 

Here is another big issue. Sleeping. You see, sleep is a beautiful thing, especially when you’re in college and already overwhelmed about everything under the sun. And one thing that people get very touchy about is definitely their sleep.

Basically what this means is that if you were someone who likes to go to bed early, you don’t want a roommate who’s going to party and come home at 3 AM in the morning.

This gets old every single night especially when you have an exam the next day and you get woken up by your drunken roommate at three in the morning.

Even if you love your friend to death and you think that you guys are going to be friends forever, that doesn’t mean that life will be great as roommates. A lot of people have friends with a lot of different personalities that would not work living together.

Normally this doesn’t cause problems, but it definitely can when it comes to living with someone and when it comes to sleeping habits.

This ended up not being an issue at all when it came to my roommate simply because her boyfriend lived on our floor and she tended to stay over there a lot.

Honestly, this was the one thing that I was a little bit worried about staying at are usually stay up until two in the morning every single night doing God even knows what, and she used to go to bed extremely early.

Once she got into college, she ended up staying up just about as late as I did, so I don’t really think that it would’ve been a problem.

However, this was the one thing that I was concerned about because it would be super annoying if she wanted to go to bed at 10 every night and I didn’t go to bed until 2 AM.  

In all honesty, you’re probably never going to find a person that’s going to like all of the exact same things as you when it comes to living with them.

However, you can definitely try to compromise.

If this is a situation that arises with you, then maybe if you’re going to stay up late you can go to the common area of your dorm. You can also just turn on a small light while you’re finishing up your studying so that the other person can go to bed.

Honestly, you could even go to the library is as some libraries that universities are open 24/7. 

Should I Go to College with My Best Friend:  Meeting New People 

The only other thing that I have to share with you, is that if you end up rooming with one of your previous friends, make sure that it doesn’t affect you making new friends.

One of the best parts about going to college is meeting a bunch of people and being surrounded by determined students.

I guarantee you that some of your best friends in the best people that you will meet in your life will be your friends from college.

I have only been at college for a year and I already met so many amazing people that I feel like I connect with better than half of the people that I talk to my entire life.

I want to make sure that you don’t lose out on making new friends because you’re stuck to your best friend from high school. If you guys make new friends together then that’s great and honestly, that’s even better.

However, if you simply hang out with them and no one else and you’re going to lose out on friends.  

Should I Go to College with My Best Friend: Conclusion

One of the biggest bonding moments of college is definitely the first couple of months. You are all in the same situation and you all just move to a brand-new place.

Because of this, and because of having similar emotions going on, it really is a great time for bonding. All of my friends that I’ve been hanging out with over the summer from college are definitely the ones that I started being friends with the first couple months of college.

I feel extremely close to them because I went through an overwhelming and emotional time with them. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with rooming with your best friend from high school, as long as you don’t miss out on the opportunities to me other people. 

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