Should I Go to Community College First?

Should I Go to Community College

It is no secret that college just keeps getting more expensive. Many students are graduating with hundreds of thousands of dollars of student loans. Many students after graduating have jobs that aren’t making that much money per year.

This is a current problem with college education costs getting way too high in the US.

However, many students are looking at ways to get around this.

One of the main things that students are doing to decrease the amount of money that they are spending on college is to start by going to a community college.

It is honestly a genius idea.

What high school seniors are doing is going to a community college for the first one or two years, and then transferring to a 4-year university.

What this does is save students on tuition, and it also saves them on room and board as well. The reason for the room and board savings is because many students who go to community colleges tend to still live at home so they do not have to pay for a place to live.

Another reason that people go to a community college first is to have a better chance of getting into a 4-year university that they otherwise might not have gotten into.

When you transfer to a 4-year university, they pay more attention to your college GPA than your high school GPA.

When transferring the colleges do not usually look at your ACT and SAT scores.

This is a great way to work hard at community college so you can get into the school that you wanted to go to. This gets you around the ACT and SAT tests.

We will answer some questions and walk you through reasons of why you would go to a community college.

Why You Should Go to a Community College First?

There are two main reasons why people go to a community college first, the main reason is money.

If you are afraid that you were not going to be able to get a degree because of money, then this is a great opportunity for you.

The amount of tuition for a community college is so much easier to come up with than coming up with the finances for a 4-year university.

An example is my tuition at a 4-year University is almost $13,000 per year. This is not including the room and board, books, or any extra prices.

However, my friend who goes to a community college only pays around $6,000 per year. She also lives at home so she is not having to pay for room and board.

This is a huge difference especially if you add in room and board my college cost for a year with no scholarships is close to $25,000.

We have been discussing a public university just imagine the cost if you want to go to a private college. Some private universities have tuition that is over $30,000 per year and this is not including the room and board.

Going to a community college is a great opportunity for you to get your degree without going bankrupt.

This is also a great opportunity for you to get your degree without having thousands and thousands of dollars of student loans when you come out as a graduate.

The second reason is usually admission requirements.

If you are someone who realized a little too late in the game of high school that you really wanted to attend college and your high school GPA sucks. Bad grades make it tough for many universities to get into.

This is where a community college can really help you out.

If you really put the work in during your first year or two at a community college, then this is what the colleges are going to see you when you go to transfer.

They are not going to be paying attention to your lower high school GPA or your lower ACT scores.

The opportunity for you to reinvent yourself in the educational world and get to where you want to be can happen.

I have had many friends successfully do this and graduate from the University of their dreams with a degree. There is always another option if something did not go the way that you planned in high school.

Is Transferring from a Community College Hard?

Transferring from a community college to university is going to be a big change. However, they should all be good changes that are opening you up to amazing new doors for you.

Obviously going to a four-year university is not for everyone, however, it is going to teach you great things and help you learn about change.

The biggest changes are going to be the amount of money that you were paying for tuition at community college will go up, the structure of your classes, the intensity of your coursework, and the opportunities around campus.

Your best bet is to just get involved in as much as you can, and make friends with as many people as you can when transferring.

There are so many networking and academic opportunities at college, but there are also so many opportunities for you to indulge in your passions.

Make sure to take advantage of all the opportunities offered to you at a four-year university that you can get.

Does Everyone Get Accepted into Community College?

As with anything else, there are always exceptions to everything.

There is always a chance that for some reason or another, you might not be able to get into a certain community college.

However, community colleges are known for accepting a wide variety of people.

Community college’s acceptance rates are usually in the 90s. This means that 90% of people that apply are usually accepted.

If you have any doubts about going to college or not, then you should definitely try and apply to a community college.

Community college applications are usually open longer, and you are usually able to apply later than other colleges which is a huge plus.

Columbus State Community College Admissions (Example)

Step 1 – You have to apply for admission to the college’s website. CSCC does not require an essay but some may so you need to check on their website.

Make sure you have filled out the FAFSA form.

Step 2 – You will need to take a placement test or send in ACT/SAT scores.

Step 3 – If you did college credit classes or AP classes through a different university, you need the official transcripts from that college.

CSCC requires the transcripts to come directly from the college, you can’t get them and then take it to the CSCC.

Step 4 – You get steps 2 and 3 done then you will get information on orientation. You will want to register quickly because spaces fill fast.

This is just one community college process and other community colleges probably have a similar admissions system. Make sure you look online for the admissions guidelines for the community college you are attending.

Is Community College Harder Than High School?

It is important to understand that no matter where you go, college classes are going to be way more intense than high school.

College classes are just an entirely different type of learning then what you had in high school.

No matter where you go, you were going to spend a lot more time on homework and studying than you ever did in high school. Even though four-year universities are normally known for having a bit harder academics than a community college, it is still going to be a big difference.

This is why it is important to understand that if you are deciding to go to college, no matter where you decide to go, you need to make sure that you are dedicated. 

My experience and my understanding, if you take any sort of college credit classes in high school, they are going to be similar to the type of classes that you take at a community college.

I am not talking about AP classes, I am talking about college credit classes or CCP classes.

These types of classes are intended to transition high schoolers into understanding how college works.

CCP classes are normally set up similar to how community college classes are set up.

If you are interested in going to community college and you are still in high school, the first indicator that you can do to decide if this is right for you is to take a college credit class.

Do Community Colleges Require SAT/ACT?

I have many friends who are going to community college and they did not require ACT or SAT scores.

I actually have multiple friends who have graduated from community colleges and never took the ACT.

However, it is important to understand that many different colleges have different requirements.

This is definitely something that you need to look into beforehand. You need to do the research to make sure that the specific community college that you want to attend does not require these tests.

It is always in your best interest to just take it at least once if you are not sure.

My friend’s daughter took the ACT when she was a sophomore and got a score of 19. She decided to go to a community college so the ACT score did not matter but that score would still allow her to get into many universities.

ACT score of 19 is not bad for not studying and being a sophomore so just take it when your high school offers it. This way you can at least have a score if something changes when looking at colleges.

When you Transfer from a Community College to a University, Does Your GPA Start Over?

Something that many students tend to not understand, is the fact that your GPA does not normally transfer between colleges.

What this means is that the college classes that you take in high school do not actually transfer over to your actual college GPA.

Another thing this means is that if you transfer from a community college to a university, your GPA from the community college will not count towards your GPA at the 4-year University.

This is because universities only want the GPA to reflect the classes that you took at this university.

If they are known for having difficult academics, they do not want your GPA to reflect any other college other than the academics that they provide.


Overall, it is important to understand that no one can tell you what to do when it comes to picking your education. This is something that you need to figure out yourself.

If you have your heart set on a four-year university for all four years, then put in the work and get the scholarships, grants, and loans to make it happen.

It is definitely not impossible and I know many people that have done it on their own with no financing. However, if you have no other option or your grades are low in high school, going to a community college is definitely the best opportunity.

My friend graduated with a 2-year degree at a community college and he makes $85,000 a year.

It is important to remember that a degree is a degree no matter which route you go. Either way, you can come out as a successful person with a great career that you have been working hard towards.

Two years at a community college then go to 4-year university everything you need to know.

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