Tips on Applying for Scholarships

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Applying for scholarships can be so overwhelming. You are already trying to figure out what to do with the rest of your life and now you have to figure out how to pay for it too. The good thing is that it can be a lot less overwhelming if you do your research and stay on top of things.

Keep a record of all of the due dates and star in advance so you don’t feel overwhelmed. These kinds of applications are your chance to shine. This is your opportunity to show off all of your achievements. Everything that you have been working hard for has been leading up to this moment and you want to show that off.

Here are some tips that can help you stay on top of the scholarship search and application process. It is stressful during the time but if you receive a decent amount from them, your hard work will pay off and you will be so appreciative of the hours you spent doing this. Filling out a few extra applications is worth saving thousands of dollars while applying for scholarships and having fewer student loans.

Applying for Scholarships: Talk to Your Faculty

Whether you are in college or high school, it is important to remember that your faculty are great resources. They may know about opportunities and ways to find scholarships. If you are in high school, don’t be afraid to talk to your counselor because odds are, they have access to most of the scholarship information that you are applying for. Don’t ever be afraid to ask for help because that is what they’re there for. Everyone wants you to be successful and have the most opportunities that you can, so don’t be afraid to reach out.

If you are in college, most times there are faculty in the student centers that know a lot about scholarship opportunities. With all of this being said, don’t be afraid to ask your peers either. All of you are in the same boat and maybe finding scholarships that aren’t necessarily applicable to you but could work for others.

Applying for Scholarships: Through Your High School

There are many scholarships out there that are specific to the high school you are attending. It is so important to reach out and find these opportunities. This is the beginning of you being an adult and being independent. Not everything is going to be pointed out and handed to you anymore so be aware that some scholarships may not be as advertised as others. There were so many scholarships I received that were not advertised to me by my high school. Some counties have foundations that hand out scholarships specific to students attending a school located in those counties as well so be aware of that.

Applying for Scholarships: Any Scholarship You Can!

The biggest piece of advice that I can give about applying for scholarships is that you should always apply to any that you can. The worst thing that you can do is skip over an application because you “don’t think you’ll get it”. You have no idea what the committees are looking for or how many applicants there are. You could be missing out on thousands of dollars and great opportunities just because you’re comparing yourself to what you think the other applicants are.

As long as you meet the initial requirements of the application, there should be nothing stopping you from trying your best to receive that scholarship. You are definitely not going to get every single one that you apply for, so you might as well apply for as many as you can so that you have as many chances as you can to receive more money.

Applying for Scholarships: Throughout College

Often times there are many different scholarships through your college. Make sure to check the scholarships for your specific college within your university. For instance, if you have a business major, check to see if there are scholarships specific to the business school within your university. Sometimes colleges don’t advertise a lot of their scholarship very much, so this is entirely up to you t research and find out what you are applicable for.

Some bigger colleges will have one big overall scholarship application that automatically applies you to any scholarship that you are applicable for. It is set up similar to the common application if you had used that to apply to all your different colleges. It saves you time and makes it easier for the committees to look at all the applications.

Get Ahead of the Game

This is definitely something that you want to start researching early in the game. Many scholarships are due early, and you don’t want to find out about a scholarship after the application is already due. You also want to spend a decent amount of time making sure that your application is complete and showcases all of your accomplishments. If there are essays that go along with certain applications, you want to take your time and have others proofread it.

Essays are your chance to stand out and look different than your other competitors. Many applicants can have the same GPA and ACT scores, but no one will show their personality just like you will in an essay. Take advantage of that. This is emoting that is really important and that you can’t procrastinate on. Even if you get lazy in school your senior year of high school, don’t be lazy about scholarships and college applications because in the end that matters more and makes the biggest difference.

Have Others Proofread your Applications

Having a second pair of eyes look over an application is always a good idea. You want to make sure that everything you wrote makes sense and is worded correctly to others. If someone close to you looks over your application, they can tell you if you have represented yourself correctly and if you forgot to add anything. There is a lot going on in most applications and it never hurts to have someone help you out a bit. During the entire college process, don’t be afraid to ask for help. It is all brand new and this is the stage of your life where you are supposed to be figuring everything out and finally doing things on your own. Applications can be confusing so reach out to others if you need help.

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Don’t Be Afraid to “Brag”

A lot of people are afraid to list all their accomplishments because they don’t want to seem like they are bragging or listing too many things. This is the one time in your life where you want to talk yourself up and not be afraid to “brag”. You want to show off all of your leadership positions and awards because it shows you are successful.

Colleges are simply looking for students how they think are going to be successful at their school. Especially if you are applying to something that Is competitive, you want to make sure to lit as much as you can because the other competitors are going to be doing that and you want yourself to have a fair chance.

Do Your Research

 I know I sound like I am repeating myself, but it so important to research scholarships and due dates early so that you can be the most prepared. You also want to research past winner of the scholarships, how competitive it is, and how much money it is for. All of these things can be important and give tell-tale signs of what all you need to do to apply and how much time you should spend on each application.

You also can find so many unknown scholarships if you just search the internet. Do whatever you can to reach out and find as many scholarship opportunities as you can. Don’t just rely on your school, parents, and friends to let you know about opportunities. You are the one going to college and you would be the one receiving this money so do your part and research any opportunities that are applicable to you.


Overall there are so many different scholarships out there. Make sure that you take advantage of all opportunities and do your best to fill out as many applications as you can. You also want to make sure that you are paying attention and doing your research so that you don’t miss any deadlines and you know what needs to be done ahead of time.

Being organized and on top of the game can make a huge difference in these kinds of situations. You also want to make sure that you are asking faculty, friends, and family if they know of any opportunities as well. Asking for help is the best thing that you can do. Odds are that there are people around you that have seen scholarships that are applicable to you. With this being said, make sure to notify others about opportunities as well. You want everyone to succeed in college.

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