What are the Top College Degrees?

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Choosing a major from all the top college degrees can be hard. You have to figure out what you want to do as an actual career for the rest of your life. At such a young age, it can sometimes be hard to understand what exactly drives you and what you would actually want to spend the rest of your life doing.

Especially if you have never previously had a real job, it can be hard to relate and understand what you want in life. In all reality, it depends on what you are good at and what you are passionate about.

You want to have a career that you enjoy. For some people, money is also a factor too. Once you do the research on all your top choices it really just comes down to what is most important to you, whether that is passion, money, helping others, etc. Different colleges also specialize in different majors and programs, so it is important to research which colleges have good programs for the program of your choice.

Here are a few of the top college degrees that are popular right now. Each one has a small explanation of different career paths, examples of the curriculum, and an estimated starting salary.

Top College Degrees: Engineering

Engineering is starting to be a very popular major at many colleges. You do have to choose a specialization within the college of engineering so it is important to do the research and figure out which specialization you would like to major in. 

You can easily get an engineering job straight out of college with a bachelor’s degree, but you can also try to go to a professional school like law or medical school if you feel inclined to. Here are some examples of some of the top engineering majors.

Top College Degrees: Computer Science

Computer science is one of the most popular engineering degrees that focuses on computers, technology, and coding. If you do choose this major you will more than likely have to take up to at least calculus 2, physics, and several coding classes.

If you are very interested in understanding the scenes of technology and how to code computers this is the perfect major for you. Just be aware that this is a very tough and demanding major. 

In order to succeed at this, you should be very good at math and science and be prepared for a lot of commitment to your academics. With this degree, you could be anything from a game designer to a software engineer. The typical starting salary for computer engineers is around $80,000.

Top College Degrees: Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is a very popular engineering major because it can get you a wide variety of jobs. With mechanical engineering you are not stuck with only one career you can get.

If you are not sure exactly which engineering you want to be a part of this is a great idea. You definitely have to be good at math and science classes if you go for this major because you will more than likely have to take up to calculus 3, linear algebra, chemistry, and physics.

These are all hard classes to take in college so if you feel that none of these are your strong suits then this would probably not be the best decision to make. Mechanical engineering also requires a lot of time and dedication to your schoolwork and education.

Some careers that you can have with this major include manufacturing and designing and developing mechanical structures. The starting salary can be anywhere from $70,000 to $80,000.

Top College Degrees: Biomedical

This is probably one of the hardest engineering majors and it usually requires a master’s degree to get a job, however, it is the highest paying. This is definitely one of the hardest majors to get into and is going to require a large amount of dedication to schoolwork.

Much high-level science and math classes are required, and the graduate program is very rigorous. Some jobs that you can get with this major include research and research and development for pharmaceutical companies. The starting salary can range anywhere from $60,000 to $85,000 depending on what job you choose.


Nursing is another popular major because you can take care of people and help others without having to go to medical school. Nurses make a lot of money (obviously not as much as doctors) and can get a job straight out of undergraduate school if wanted.

Nurses can go down so many paths and have so many different careers. If you want to get a job straight out of school, you can, however, you could also go to professional school for various different things.

Many people get their master’s in nursing, go to PA school, become a nurse practitioner, or become a nurse anesthetist. If you really felt inclined to you could also definitely use your nursing degree to go to medical school.

A student who graduates with simply an undergraduate degree in nursing will be making a starting salary of around $60,000 to $70,000.


There are so many different majors and specializations within a business school. It is important to research all the different specializations so that you can figure out which one suits you best. With each degree in business, you are opened up to so many different career options. Some specializations also differ in salaries as well.

The good thing about business is that most of the time you can get jobs even outside of your major because most schools administer business administration degrees to all business students. As long as you have a business degree and are willing to take the tests for specific jobs and careers, you are really open to any career in business.

For any business degree, you will have to take economics, calculus one, a computer science class, and several core business classes.

 Accounting/ Finance

If you are good at math and have a brain that works well with numbers one of these majors will definitely work for you. They are very similar it just depends on what you actually want to do with your degree after graduation. You can take the CPA test after graduation (as long as you have 150 credit hours) to become a certified public accountant or you can take the CFA test to become a chartered financial analyst.

You can also do several other things with these degrees, but these are usually the top choices because they have higher salaries. Salaries with these majors can really differ depending on what job you receive; however, the starting salary is usually somewhere between $60,000 and $80,000.


Marketing is very similar to all the other business majors in the fact that there are so many different careers you can obtain with a marketing degree. Once again it depends on what job you have but the average starting salary is usually somewhere between $55,000 and $70,000.

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Arts and Sciences

Arts and science majors take up a huge part of the overall majors at most campuses. Many things fall under this category. Most classes require typical GES, a foreign language, and several math and science classes. If you are not strong in science, these majors may not suit you the best because you usually have to take upper-level physics, chemistry, calculus, etc. Many times students will choose a science or math major and then hope to attend medical or PA school.

This is a great option because it gets most of the required classes for medical school applications out of the way. Some of the top and most popular majors that fall within the lines of arts and sciences are biologies, chemistry, biochemistry, and neuroscience. These majors are meant for someone who is interested in the professional school of any kind. It is hard to determine a starting salary saying as some may end up as doctors.


Overall there are so many different majors that you can choose a college that will suit you well and help you be a successful working adult. It is very important that you choose a major that you are actually interested in and care about. You are going to be taking these classes for 4 years( or more) so you do not want to be stuck in several classes that you aren’t interested in and a job you don’t like after you get out.

No matter what you are looking for in a major and a career, whether it is money, passion, caring for others, or more education, you should have no trouble finding something that works for you at your college. As long as you feel confident about your choice and have some idea of what you want to do with it after graduation, you are good to go.

Even once you are in college you still have so much time to figure out what you actually want to do. It is so common for people to change majors or to come in undecided. College is the time for you to figure yourself out and find your passion in life.    

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