What is Required for College Admission?

A successful college admission takes a lot of preparation. This article will explain in detail some of the admission requirements while filling out an application. can get very overwhelming. Choosing colleges is already a very confusing and overwhelming point in your life and trying to figure out how to have the perfect college application can just add to it. If you take the applications step by step it really helps take the load off and make it seem easier.

The common application is also very useful because you can use it to apply to multiple different schools. You fill out one application and then answer specific questions for specific schools. It is a great thing to do to take some of the stress away about applying to colleges. Some colleges still require a completely separate application and do not allow you to apply through the common application, however, if only two out of a hundred don’t accept it you are still saving a whole lot of time.

Here are a few of the main aspects of most college applications. As long as you pay close attention and work hard on all of these aspects, your application will be great. All that you can do is try the best that you can to portray yourself, your work ethic, and your personality in your college admission applications,

College Admission: ACT/SAT Scores

Almost every single college admission requires an ACT or SAT score. Most schools in Ohio simply want the ACT score, but the SAT is prevalent in many other states. Ultimately it is a good idea to take both just in case. You never know what schools may end up wanting or where you may decide to apply when it actually comes time to do so.

Whenever you take the ACT you choose multiple schools to have your score sent to for free. After that, you will have to go to the ACT website and separately send your ACT to each individual school you want to have it.

There is a fee each time you send it. With that being said, make sure that you send to any schools that you have the slightest interest in when you actually take it.

Also, make sure that all of the schools have your highest score sent to them because that’s the one that matters. When your college receives your ACT score, they can see what you scored in each section as well. This way they can see what your strong suits are and where you are weak. This is something that is different for every college so just make sure that you understand their requirements surrounding ACT and SAT scores to know either they need both, one, or any.

College Admission: GPA

Any college admission is going to require that they see your high school transcript. Obviously. The main aspect of what the colleges are looking at when comparing applicants is GPA. Some schools even have a GPA cut off. This is all stuff that you can easily access online. This is something that you are going to have to talk about with the counselor at your school because they are going to have to send this to each school for you so that it is sent from the school with the professional stamp.

Colleges want to know that the transcripts are coming directly from the school and not being tampered with by students or parents.

This is when you have to start getting on top of things because if your transcript doesn’t get sent to a school, they won’t have enough information to admit you. Being on top of college applications and scholarships is so important in your senior year.

You can start slacking on other things but make sure that you are taking these things seriously and staying on top of it because it truly affects your education and career in a large way.

College Admission: Activities

There is usually a lot of parts on college applications for you to talk about your activities, leadership positions, community service, and work experience. This is the time for you to show every single accomplishment you have ever had.

You want to show off your academics and your involvement because colleges are looking for students who will be successful and super involved on their campuses.

You want to list any job you have ever had in high school and include all positions held. You also want to make sure that you list any sort of leadership positions you have ever held in or outside of high school because it shows that you are capable of leading people and making decisions. Being involved in your community and in anything outside of high school is also great and looks equally as good on a college application as anything pertaining to high school does.

Community service is also a big one that you want to focus on. Anything that you did in high school that can be qualified as community service is something that you want to put on your resume. This is the time in your life where you do not want to be shy about accomplishments and awards.

Make yourself stand out to this college and show them anything that you have ever done to prove that one would succeed at their school.

College Admission: Essays

Some colleges do require essays in their applications. Not all require this and the ones that do all have separate questions. This is something that you do really want to focus on if it is required. You want to make sure that you really think about the topic and that you and other proofread it several times.

This is not just another school paper, it has much more value than other papers you have written in your life. Don’t completely stress yourself out about it because you do have many other parts of your application to show yourself off, however, this is a time where you can make yourself stand apart from the other applicants.

Writing is one way where you can be different. There are so many applications with eh same numbers on them. What I mean by this is that there are so many applications with the same GPA and Act scores.

Writing is one way where you can really show your personality and who you are as a person. You can show your passion and your determination through your words better than you can through your GPA. Just remember this as you are choosing your topic and writing your essay.

Written Recommendations

Most colleges will require 1-2 letters of recommendation. Most of the time this would include teachers, principals, bosses, or people in your community. This is why it is so important not to burn the bridges that you have made during your senior year. Senior year is tough, and it is easy to start slacking on not only school but relationships as well. You don’t want to ruin relationships with faculty and other members of the community just because you are ready to go to college.

You have been making memories and building relationships with these people for years. This is the time where they can write about your success and determination throughout high school and how they can see you doing the same in college. The relationships that you make really do matter. college admission offices want to make sure that you are a reliable person who can have one to two important people in your life vow for your work ethic and reliability.

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Background Information

There is also usually a large part of your application that requires you to answer the typical questions about yourself. This includes questions about your parents and their marital status, where you live, your ethnicity and if you have a criminal background. You want to make sure that you answer all the questions and that you answer honestly. If you lie on this part of your application, odds are that the college will find out and it will hurt you in the long run.

You definitely don’t want to lie about anything to do with ethnicity or sexuality. Don’t feel that these things will hurt you. They will not at all, and many schools offer scholarships to successful individuals with certain ethnicities or sexualities. It is just important that you read all of the questions carefully and make sure that you actually have the correct answers.

It doesn’t matter if your parents went to school or what your ethnicity is, the school will be focused on your experiences and achievements throughout high school.


Overall there are many different factors that colleges look at when they are looking at applications. They require many things and it is important that you pay close attention to detail. This is one thing that you don’t want to start the last minute. You want to make sure that you spend a lot of time and energy on these applications because this determines your education and your future. All that you can do is try your best and show them all of the things that you have been doing the last four years to prepare or this moment.

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