Why is College Important?

Why is College Important

Nowadays, going to college is getting more and more popular. In my parent’s and grandparents’ generations, it was a lot more common not to attend college and to marry and start a family younger. Since this generational switch is happening, many people feel pressured to go to a university. The question is why is college important? It is important because with the advancement in technology the need for highly skilled labor increases. The training for this workforce happens at college, technical school or community colleges. Going to get a degree can also prepare you for the real world.

Some people wonder if it is worth it or if it has just become a societal norm. Of course, there are some stories where going to college did not get people where they thought it would, but overall it seems that college is helping our generation understand their passions and be successful for themselves and their family.

Of course, it is important to realize you do not have to go to college to be successful and there are many careers that do not require you to go to college.

However, there are many jobs and careers that require college and overall it is a great learning experience and stepping stone to the real world.

Going straight from high school to living on your own, paying for your own things, and becoming a real adult is a lot. College helps you learn about finances and how to be an adult in the real world.

Having the opportunity to go to college is always open if you can figure out the finances and the logistics behind it. College also introduces you to new people and can lead your life in ways you never thought that you would end up in.

If you are questioning whether you should go to college or not, here is some insight into the good that college can bring into your life.

Is College Necessary?

This seems to be the question of the hour among younger people nowadays. There are some people who think that college is just a waste of time and money and that it is not necessary.

I kind of disagree with this statement.

There are many jobs, especially trades, that do not require going to college. You can successfully get these jobs without a degree. You may have to go to a technical 2-year school or do an apprenticeship but a 4-year degree is not required.

However, with the increasingly larger amount of people going to college, the job field is getting more and more competitive. The job that my mother has within our city is now requiring a college degree even though when she first got it, she didn’t have a degree.

This shows how our society and its standards are changing. If you are not going into the military or going to a trade school and you are looking into getting into the job field, your best bet is to go to college. Even going for two years and getting an associate degree can put you margins ahead of others without a degree.

Another good thing about college is that it opens doors. It opens doors and helps you network with other students, companies, and staff.

Many times, people discover so many different things that they are interested in or good at while in college. Sometimes the things that they do in college end up changing the paths of their entire lives.

Taking one class can change your views on topics or open new opportunities for you.

Meeting one professor could lead to life-changing research to study abroad. You will never be in a place with this many opportunities again. It also gives you the opportunity to explore so many different majors and career paths.

No matter what you go to school for or if you don’t go to school, you will never have the opportunity to have so much control over your future again.

Financial Burden

The big determining factor of going to college is the financial burden. Many people say that they “can’t afford” to go to college, so they don’t go. I am a first-generation college student. I was smart in high school, but I definitely was never the smartest person in the room.

At the university that I attend looking at just my ACT score, I am below average. I had a good GPA in high school and I have a good GPA now, but overall, I am a very average student. I am financing my own school entirely myself and I am completely debt-free.

If this isn’t an example of how you can figure out the financing to go to college then you just are not reading right.

Using scholarships, grants, and money I saved up, I am not taking out any loans for all my four years of schooling. This is because I put the time and effort into researching all the scholarships or grants that I could find. Each year, I apply to around 50-55 scholarships and I usually get around 10.

To find grants and scholarships use MyScholly.com.  

I found these not because I am any smarter than anyone else, it is because I am involved on campus, care about my education, do my research, put in the time, and write good essays. If I can do this, anyone can.

Even if you do have to take out loans after FAFSA and scholarships, it is simply like a car loan. No one complains about getting a loan for a car because they know that they must have a car and in order to have the car they have to take out a loan.

It is the same for college.

If you want a specific job that requires a degree, then you must go to college. It is simply another “car payment” that just happened to come before getting a dream job.

It is all about your values and where you want to place your money. If your dream job that requires a degree is important to you, then you will deal with the financial burden and make it happen. You will get yourself through college and be proud at the end no matter what.

Overall, never let money get in the way of your education, there are so many options and so many things that you can do to get over that hump.

How College Helps with Financial Skills

Looking at financing college again, the lessons that you learn about money by going to a university are life-changing. For the first time, you will be living on your own. Even if your parents are helping you, you will have to somewhat make a budget and figure out how to use your money and when.

This may be the first time you have bills and when it comes to paying tuition there is no “paying it late” or you will get kicked out. It teaches you so much responsibly compared to high school and really helps you to understand how the real world works.

Filling out FAFSA, receiving scholarships and grants, and taking out loans teaches you so much about finances in such little time. You may even need to open a credit card in college which will start to help you to build up your credit.

Overall it is a huge learning lesson for using money in the real world, making budgets, paying on time, and financing things. Some schools even have offices that will help and answer all your questions about financing.

I just went to a financial wellness counselor the other day. You need to look into your school resources and take advantage of them.

Why is College Important responsibility

How College Helps with Responsibility

Overall, the amount of responsibility that you gain when you to college is large. You go from living at home, having the same routine, and having to ask to go to the bathroom in high school to have the freedom to do what you want when you want.

Most classes are optional if in a large university and no one is telling you what to do or where to be. You must decide for yourself what is important and what you need to allocate your time to.

The key is you must put the time in and not let your social life ruin getting a degree that you are paying so much to get. Everyone will make mistakes, but you will learn and grow. In school, you will not have your parents telling you what to do.

You can decide what you want to do with your life on your own and make decisions every day with no one else’s input.  Going to school is such a great start to understanding how to be an adult and make real-life decisions.

Advancement in Technology

If you want to be in technology, then it is a must to get additional schooling. You will have to go to college or a technical school to learn about technology.

College or a technical school can prepare for the IT advancements that are coming.

  • IT Management
  • Software Engineering
  • Database Administration
  • Web Development
  • Programming Video Games
  • Computer Programming
  • Network Engineering
  • Cloud Management
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Plus More


There are many great things about going to university. Even if you unsure you can always try a semester or two and drop if it isn’t for you. The opportunities are endless. There are so many extracurriculars, research opportunities, educational and interesting classes, and amazing people.

The people you meet at school may stick by you for the rest of your life. You may also meet people that could tremendously help you with your career. College isn’t for everyone but it is definitely a great option to consider.

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