Why is the Location of a College Important?

When students are looking into colleges it may be hard to understand why the location of the college is so important. You are going here to get a degree and make friends and maybe you think that it doesn’t matter if you go to school in a small town or a big city. The thing is that many students who transfer after their first year will say that the main reason was the location.

They hated where they were living, and they simply couldn’t do it anymore.

I had three friends who transferred after their first year because of the location of their university.

I am hoping that I can help lead you away from this mistake by showing you how important the location of your college really is to your overall happiness and success.

Where you live can really make a difference.

If you hated the town or city that you were in for high school, it might have played a role in how your overall high school experience was and it is the exact same thing for college. Except that this time you have the power to choose where you want to be unlike in high school when you obviously just lived where your parents lived.

You have the power to research and think about where you actually want to live.

Now, money can sometimes affect these decisions as well but even within price ranges locations of colleges differ. I am not saying that location is more important than academics when at college by any means I am simply just trying to show you that it can have a big impact on your overall college experience.

Jobs and Internships make the Location of College Important

The place that your college is located in could have opportunities that help your college career. Whether that be jobs that you can have while you are in school or jobs that you can get as a graduate.

If you are going for business and your school is in a large city, chances are that you are going to have a good chance of landing a job or internship in that city if you try hard enough. This may not be important to you but if you are looking for a school with connections and opportunities for jobs, careers, and internships within your program then make sure that the location makes sense.

Having a college where you can maybe even get an internship while you are taking classes can make such a difference to your resume and overall career when you get out of school.

Make sure that you are looking for opportunities within the location of your school. If you are going for something the medical field maybe pay attention to if there are any major hospitals around that you could volunteer, intern, or work at.

This may seem like something far in the distance but if you start realizing that all of your friends have more opportunities for things like this at their schools than you do, you might feel like you are losing out on opportunities.

Fun College Location

You want to actually enjoy your time at college. Even though you will be spending a lot of time on schoolwork and extracurricular activities, you are still going to have free time that you want to actually enjoy.

If you are someone who loves adventure and you always want to be busy, then make sure that there are things that you can actually do in your free time while at school.

Some schools will even offer busing that can take you around the city. You can look for things like zoos, water parks, amusement parks, nice restaurants, etc. These types of things aren’t necessary or anything they just really help you enjoy your time at school even more.

Making memories like this with your new college friends are memories that will last you a lifetime.

You aren’t going to remember every single class you take, but you are going to remember the people you met and the experiences that you had together. So, just make sure that you are choosing a location that suits your wants and needs.

College is supposed to be fun.

At the school that I attend, I frequently take the bus to explore different parts of town and try new food places. I have also gone to the outlet malls and the zoo with my friends.

These are the types of bonding experiences that helped me, and my friends get so close. I never had a dull moment during my freshman year because I was busy exploring the new city that I was in.

It is Important where you call Home for College

It is important to actually think about the fact that this is your home for the next four years. It is a lot easier to talk about college then to actually do it. You are going to be here just as long as you were in high school, so make sure it is somewhere that you actually want to be. It is easy to get so concerned with all of the other aspects of college that you don’t think about this one as much. But you don’t want to get to college and realize that you don’t want to live in this city or town for four years.

Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with transferring and you should do whatever you need to do to get somewhere where you are happy, but you could stop this problem from happening by just doing your research and thinking about it.

If you know deep down, you don’t like the city at all then don’t go to school in the city.

Something that is a helpful thing to do is to explore the place you will be living beyond campus before you attend. If you go on a visit, stay in town a little while longer and explore. You can try some of the food around that area and see what the place is actually like. It is good to experience these types of things before you actually get to school.

You Might Find You Want to Stay

Many people end up living where they want to college because they liked it so much. You could be missing out the opportunity to find your forever home just because you stayed at or chose a school where you didn’t like the location.

Now, obviously this is not what everyone does, and it isn’t required for anything other than leading a happy life. You want college to go beyond just the education in the way that it impacts your life. The location of your school is definitely something that can have more of an impact on your life than you can even imagine.

College can show you where you want to live your life which is something really special. It can also show you where you don’t want to live which is equally important.

College is meant to teach you lessons and help you figure to what to do with your life. So, if one of those lessons is about where you do or don’t like living, then at least you figured that out early on in life.

You Can Learn a Lot About Life

You can learn a lot about independence and living on your own during college. A lot of this can depend on your surroundings and what you are doing by yourself, maybe you are able to get a job at college that you wouldn’t have been able to get at home.

Jobs teach you so much about how life works and how to be independent. Maybe you have to learn how to take a bus. These types of things, believe it or not, are so helpful in making you your own person and making you into the person you become after school.

Maneuvering around a new place on your own can be scary but in a good way because you know that you are making your way to being an independent adult. Let the location of your college help your overall college experience instead of making it worse.


Overall there are so many different reasons why the location of your college is impactful on your overall college career. Anytime you move to a new place for any reason whether it be school or a job, you want to enjoy your time spent where you are at. Of course, the academics at your university is the most important thing, but you don’t want to pay to live somewhere that you hate.

You want to have fond memories that you can share for a lifetime, not just a degree. It may be hard to realize this now if you aren’t already in school, but I love where I go to school, and I believe that city will forever have a place in my heart no matter where I end up. You want to have connections with your school, the people in it, and where its located.

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